Chapter 199 – Chaotic city

The two naturally showed respect.


Outside, a voice suddenly containing a strong pressure entered the interior of the spacecraft, and the speed of the spacecraft suddenly decreased.

The pressure in just the voice made Xu Zong and Luo Feng feel like their souls were about to scatter. This was probably already very restrained. If they were not restrained, they would have scattered at the moment the voice came.

"It's me, open the cosmic channel."

The voice of the Nine Sword Saint sounded faintly.

Outside, the decelerating spacecraft suddenly accelerated again.

At this moment, a sudden sense of pain came from the minds of the two, and the scene in front of them became extremely chaotic. Even with their eyes wide open, the surrounding scene became blurred.

Although their cognition was very chaotic and their perception became ambiguous, the will of the two was very firm, and they both stood there without any intention of falling.

"You can both stand, not bad."

The Nine Sword Saint nodded and explained.

"This is the channel between the original universe and the initial universe. The flow of time in the two universes is different, causing the flow of time in the channel to be chaotic. It's normal to feel uncomfortable, but it will be fine in a few minutes."

He looked calm and unaffected.

This chaotic feeling lasted for five or six minutes, and the two persisted for five or six minutes. Soon, when the speed of the spacecraft slowed down, the chaotic feeling disappeared quickly.

Before long, the spacecraft came to a complete stop, and the hatch of the spacecraft reopened, and the three of them walked out in single file.

The moment they walked out of the hatch, the various anomalies in the sky completely attracted the attention of the two.

They saw chaotic air currents drifting in the sky, and under the envelopment of the chaotic air currents, the appearance of the distance was completely unclear.

And within their field of vision, there were occasional huge cracks in the sky, and countless strange runes could be seen flowing on the surface of the cracked space, connecting like threads, as if repairing the cracks like a loom.

"In this universe, all life has a lifespan, and the universe is no exception. It's just that the lifespan of the universe is extremely long."

The Nine Sword Saint explained with a smile to the two.

"The original universe we live in is a vast, huge, and perfect universe. Because it is so perfect, the operating rules cannot be manifested externally, and the difficulty of comprehension is extremely high. But this universe is different."

"This universe is still in the early stages of creation, and the operating rules of the universe are constantly being perfected, so there will be a large number of original rules manifesting. The power to repair the spatial cracks is various original rules, which can be directly seen by the naked eye. You can comprehend through these manifesting rules, and what is visible is easier to comprehend. This is almost unimaginable outside."

Therefore, the quota for comprehension in the initial universe is extremely precious, and even a realm lord would have to spend a fortune to buy a quota.

Xu Zong nodded in agreement. The rules manifesting directly are better for comprehension than runes. After all, runes are things that use the rules, so comprehending the rules directly is much better.

"You can watch these manifesting rules at any time, there's no need to stay here, let's go down."

As soon as the Nine Sword Saint finished speaking, he descended below.

Xu Zong and Luo Feng quickly followed.

The big fish spacecraft opened its hatch directly in the air, and they were now standing in the void, with an immense ancient city under their feet, and under the influence of the chaotic air currents, the city was boundless.

The Nine Sword Saint led the two straight down to a street in the ancient city. The street was very wide, allowing dozens of people to walk in it at the same time.

"This city is called Chaos City, the only city in this initial universe. It has existed for a longer time than most universe countries, and is now jointly managed by five giants. It is also the safest place in this initial universe. Killing is absolutely prohibited in the city. Anyone who violates this rule will incur the personal intervention of the city lord and will undoubtedly die!"

The Nine Sword Saint solemnly warned the two.

But they were just small fry at the cosmic level in this Chaos City, and they had no ability to cause trouble at all. He just warned them to make them understand the rules here.

"Nine Sword Saint?"

"The Saint has actually come?"

"Who are those two little guys?"

Many passersby around respectfully saluted the Nine Sword Saint, and they couldn't help but feel a lot of doubt.

The Nine Sword Saint did not explain to them, but continued to lead the two around the city.

He walked to a small building with a length and width of over a hundred meters, and pointed to the door of the building.

"There are many such small buildings in Chaos City. If the door is white, it means no one lives there. As long as you put your hand on it, the sensing system inside the door will automatically start, and you will become the temporary owner of this residence.""The gray gates represent that they are already occupied. Do not visit those small buildings easily. Many people practice on the rooftops of those small buildings, most of them are immortal, and a few are boundary masters. If you provoke them, with your strength, it will be troublesome. In addition, there are many beings of my level living in this chaotic city. Do not disturb them."

Xu Zong and Luo Feng glanced at each other.

In other words, when practicing in this chaotic city, you have to behave, right?

"If you have time, you can go to the rooftop to take a look. Some of the things up there will be very beneficial to you."

Even these trivial matters were carefully explained by the Nine Sword Master to the two.

Finally, he smiled and said, "Alright, I'll take you to the City Lord's Mansion!"

Xu Zong was suddenly excited.

Luo Feng was a little confused, not knowing what to do at the City Lord's Mansion, but the master would not harm them, so he followed them to the City Lord's Mansion in this chaotic city.

The City Lord's Mansion was extremely grand, with a radius of about a thousand miles, and even the gate was three hundred meters high.

Although such buildings are not considered unique in the universe, the City Lord's Mansion is located in the center of the entire chaotic city, majestic and imposing. It has an aura of receiving envoys from all nations. Even the Nine Sword Master, when he came here, showed a lot of respect.

The three words "City Lord's Mansion" high above seemed to have an endless attraction, as if they could draw people's spirits into them.

The two knew that looking at this thing would definitely not be good for them, so they all withdrew their gazes.

Xu Zong muttered to himself.

The Nine Sword Master saw that the two did not look at those three words, and smiled somewhat regretfully. If Xu Zong had been fascinated by those three words and captured the scene, it would have been a joke to bring it out in the future.

He signaled the two to lower their voices, and led them into the City Lord's Mansion.

As they walked, he explained, "People often say that there are three treasures in this chaotic city. The first treasure is the external source law, the second treasure is outside the city, but in fact, the so-called second treasure is not really a treasure. The most important treasure is here in the City Lord's Mansion."

The Nine Sword Master led the two to a corridor that was over a hundred meters long and wide, like a dream.

"For billions of years, countless powerhouses in this chaotic city have recorded their insights in the form of inscriptions. Over the long period of time, there are some great beings who have left their insights in the form of stone tablets in the City Lord's Mansion. These beings have left a total of 52 chaotic tablets. These 52 chaotic tablets are 52 different paths of cultivation, shortcuts to becoming a powerhouse. As long as you can comprehend one of them, you can become a master of the universe."

As long as you comprehend one, you can become a master of the universe!

When this statement was made, I don't know how many powerhouses in the universe would go crazy. In the chaotic city, there are as many as 52 chaotic tablets.

"The prints of these chaotic tablets are on this corridor. Every new practitioner has a chance to comprehend the chaotic tablets, lasting for seven days. However, before that, you have to choose which chaotic tablet to comprehend here."

In the corridor, the Nine Sword Master pointed to the paintings hanging on the walls on both sides, indicating that the two should come forward to choose.

There are a total of 52 paintings hanging in this corridor, each with the corresponding name, corresponding to the 52 chaotic tablets. Each painting is over ten meters in length and width.

In the form of paintings, it is impossible to convey the aura contained in the chaotic tablets, but as long as a little aura can be revealed, it is enough to show the direction of the path.

Luo Feng walked forward and looked at each of the 52 paintings one by one, and was immediately immersed in them.

Although each painting is not as profound as the chaotic tablets, it is precisely because they are not profound that people with a lighter understanding of the laws are more immersed.

Xu Zong also walked among them, but he had no intention of choosing.

He was clear in his mind that to comprehend the entire chaotic tablet and become a master, it was actually the worst of the 52 chaotic tablets!

These chaotic tablets were created to cultivate powerhouses, formed by the insights of those powerful beings in the human race.

Naturally, because of the different strengths of the powerhouses, these chaotic tablets also have different qualities.

Since the human race has existed in this universe, there are only a dozen existing masters of the universe. Even if you add the fallen ones, there are only twenty or so at most. The number of masters of the universe is far from reaching 52. Those masters of the universe will definitely leave behind chaotic tablets here, but the excess part, of course, is left by the masters of the universe.

Therefore, among these 52 chaotic tablets, the one that can be comprehended to become a master is the worst kind. Some chaotic tablets are much more powerful than the level of a master.Xu Zong's goal had been crystal clear from the beginning.

He strolled around the corridor, his gaze swiftly scanning over the paintings of Mother Ancestors, Heart Scars, Yan Mountains, and other Chaos Steles, barely pausing before he came to a halt in front of a particular painting.

"I choose the Cosmic Chaos Stele!"

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Xu Zong pointed at the painting, addressing the Nine Swords Sovereign.

The Nine Swords Sovereign nodded slightly, his expression one of unsurprised affirmation.

Cosmos upon cosmos, 'Yu' represents space, 'Zhou' time; the Cosmic Chaos Stele is the path to cultivating the laws of space and time together. For others, this dual cultivation is incredibly challenging, but it is the most suitable path for Xu Zong.

Moreover, among all the Chaos Steles, the Cosmic Chaos Stele ranks second, left behind by the lord who guards Chaos City. That lord is among the most supreme beings in the universe. To follow his path is to have limitless potential for future achievements!


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