Chapter 35 – My that one is not so round

Damn it.

Chu Liang cursed inwardly.

If nothing went wrong, the legendary Azure Dragon Orb should be in this stone box. But now, he had no way to open it. It was all because of that dragon servant ghost. It could convey a lot of information with just a roar, and it certainly didn't lack for words...

Why didn't it tell me how to open this stone box?!

It was now impossible to go back and ask it. Its own life and death were unknown. Liu Mojie and Master Mu didn't have the aura of a true dragon, so the dragon servant ghost would definitely stop them. They wouldn't be as merciful as he was.

But what should he do now?

If those two demons broke in, the three of them would definitely be no match. But he couldn't take the stone box with him, and the coiled dragon pillar was too massive to be uprooted.

For a moment, he couldn't think of a solution.

Was he just going to hand it over?

The greatest treasure of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm was right in front of him. If he couldn't take it, it would be too painful.

"Chu Liang!" Monk Pǔ Shàn saw him deep in thought and hurriedly called out.

"Let's go!"

Despite the pain in his heart, Chu Liang didn't hesitate and turned to fly towards the exit on the other side.

The heart is never satisfied, and the sight of a treasure always stirs desire. But if it was truly unattainable, it meant that he didn't have the fate to possess it.

If he died because of greed, that would be too foolish.

Monk Pǔ Shàn and Luo Yao didn't know that the box contained the Dragon Orb. They thought it was just a strange box. Even if they knew there was a treasure inside, they wouldn't think too much about it.

The three of them quickly flew down and escaped from the other end of the hall.

Ahead was another extremely narrow passage. They flew for a long time without hearing any sound behind them.

Chu Liang knew that the two demons were probably also stopped by the stone box. They had come to the Azure Dragon Secret Realm for treasure, and their target was likely the Dragon Orb. Naturally, they wouldn't give up on this stone box.

This was good news. At least they wouldn't be in a hurry to chase after them, and they could hide at ease.

But the Azure Dragon Secret Realm was so vast, when would they be able to hide until?

If the demons got the Dragon Orb, they might gain the power to control the entire secret realm. Then they might not even need to search, a slight sense would be enough to catch them.

That would truly be a situation with no way out.

As Chu Liang was worrying, a light suddenly shone from above. A huge gap had appeared, splitting the entire skeleton.

Flying out, they saw that the cast dragon skeleton had been cut in half at the waist. This must have been its fatal wound. They had traveled this far, only crossing half of its skeleton.

One could imagine how massive it was when it was alive.

The three of them flew out from here. They were now far away from the wilderness where they had encountered the Blood Bat Dragon. They had time to carefully explore ahead, without provoking the dragon-descendant monsters around.

Just as they entered the dense forest, Chu Liang suddenly exclaimed, "Oh!"

Had he forgotten something?

What about the Golden Butterfly baby that had just emerged from its cocoon?


"What is this?" Liu Mojie asked.

She stood on the coiled dragon pillar, flicking her hair, her eyes full of anticipation.

"This is a forbidden artifact created by the ancient dragon race. The array patterns on it are simple, but they contain the Heavenly Dao, which is vastly different from the methods of the human race." Master Mu stared at the stone box, his hands caressing it with deep affection, while he casually answered.

"Could the Azure Dragon Orb be inside?" Liu Mojie asked again.

"We'll know once we open it." Master Mu's tone became even more perfunctory.

"Once we get the Azure Dragon Orb, we can command the entire Azure Dragon Secret Realm." Liu Mojie said, "All the countless dragon-descendant monsters and heavenly treasures here will belong to us. Then we can choose a paradise to retreat and cultivate."

"Us?" Master Mu glanced at her, "Didn't we agree on a six-four split? Don't worry, I won't take more than my share. Your Underworld Sect is powerful, I wouldn't dare to take more."

"Oh..." Liu Mojie swayed over, her hand lightly pressing on the stone box, she whispered in Master Mu's ear, "I'll give you all of this... and myself, isn't that good?"

"You're blocking my view." Master Mu ruthlessly pushed her hand away.

"You..." Liu Mojie frowned slightly.

"I know about you. You've had at least twenty lovers in the Demon Sect, and now they're all dead." Master Mu infused his true qi into the stone box, slowly exploring it, while saying, "When you say you'll give me everything, you actually mean you want everything."

"They didn't all die because of me!" Liu Mojie glared at him, paused, and added, "Not all of them."

Nan Lu Jie Yin wasn't.

She added in her heart.

"Anyway, a woman like you is like a venomous scorpion, I absolutely wouldn't dare to touch. This time I used your key to enter the secret realm, and you used my power to open the secret realm. We had a fair trade, I hope you keep your promise."

"Hmph." Liu Mojie snorted coldly.

Looking at Master Mu immersed in studying the array patterns on the stone box, she guessed that he wouldn't even know if someone attacked him from behind. Liu Mojie really wanted to give him a surprise.

But the box hadn't been opened yet, and she still needed this man's power.

After a long time, she became impatient and asked, "Can you do it or not?"

"I can." Master Mu answered confidently.

Liu Mojie pursed her lips, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. In her life, she had never met a man who said he couldn't.

But the truth was often very honest.

However, Master Mu was obviously not among them. After a while, his cultivation started to circulate wildly, and smoke began to rise from his body!

This was just to unlock the array patterns. If he hadn't found the solution, even a seventh-stage expert wouldn't be able to forcibly open this stone box.

A moment later, white light began to emerge from the stone box!

A breath that seemed to have been sealed for tens of thousands of years from the ancient times poured out from the stone box. It had been opened a crack!


Master Mu shouted, and with a push, the box was opened!

Intense light poured out, but the two demons didn't blink, their eyes filled with intense excitement as they looked inside.Even for demon cultivators of their level, an ancient true dragon secret realm was an unimaginable existence. And now they were about to possess such a realm, how could they not be excited?

How could they not be overjoyed?!

Thus, when the light faded, they saw the round... black hole in the stone box for the first time.


After a long silence, Liu Mojie reached in and felt around, it was indeed empty.

"What's going on?" She looked at Master Mu.

Her first suspicion was that he had done something when he opened the stone box!

Master Mu was equally astonished. He sent his divine consciousness into the black hole, probing deeper than her, and quickly came to a conclusion.

"Someone drilled a hole from the bottom of the stone pillar and took out the contents... How did they do that?" His shock was even greater than Liu Mojie's.

Because he knew very well how sturdy the material of this coiling dragon pillar was.

What kind of cultivation level was needed to drill such a hole?


Where was the Golden Butterfly?

Just as this thought popped into Chu Liang's mind, a wobbly golden light came from behind.

It had been following them all along.

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Chu Liang looked at it, feeling somewhat unfamiliar.

Because at this moment, the golden butterfly's body had suddenly swelled up, its belly was round and bulging as if something was filling it up, its originally chubby white body was now stretched to a thin membrane.

It really looked like a snake that had swallowed an elephant.

Moreover, the sphere in its belly was constantly flashing, the golden light passing through the white membrane, making it look like a large firefly.

It flew over while flashing.

Pǔ Shàn looked at it and asked, "Is this your spirit pet?"

"Um..." Chu Liang hesitated for a moment, wanting to say that his wasn't this round.

This glutton.

If he wasn't mistaken, it had really swallowed the Azure Dragon Orb.

How did it do that?!

(End of the chapter)


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