Chapter 160 – Carrying a huge amount of additional debt

"Damn it."

Li Hengsheng cursed. The blood butterfly had indeed attracted numerous members of the Ghost Clan. Previously, they had been kept at bay due to Zhao Juezong's presence. But now that Zhao Juezong was gone, they were drawn by the scent of the blood of the ghost master on the blood butterfly.

Lu Shiran was seriously injured, and he himself was also badly hurt. Although his body was robust and had recovered somewhat, facing so many members of the Ghost Clan was still very dangerous!

"We might die here," Li Hengsheng said, hearing the sounds, which seemed to be even more numerous than the ghosts he had attracted before.

Upon hearing this, Lu Shiran fell silent for a moment, then looked up at Li Hengsheng with an innocent expression and said, "My master once told me that this is called dying for love, right?"

"Die for your big-headed ghost, you stupid woman!" Li Hengsheng cursed again.

Looking at Lu Shiran, who was now virtually powerless, Li Hengsheng fell silent for a while, then walked over to her and gritted his teeth, "Get on my back, I'll take you out of here!"

Li Hengsheng was also mentally preparing himself. If he didn't care about Lu Shiran, he might be able to break through the encirclement with a bit of caution, then leave this area and return to the base in Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

And if Lu Shiran died here, the matter of the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill would be over, and he wouldn't have to pay it back. Guanglan Palace wouldn't know that he had eaten Lu Shiran's Seven Treasures Crystal Pill.

At most, they would think that Lu Shiran had accidentally died in the forbidden area, and he wouldn't be blamed for the loss of the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill.

This outcome would be entirely beneficial to him.

But when it came time to actually do it, Li Hengsheng couldn't bring himself to abandon Lu Shiran here.

He couldn't get past his own conscience.


Lu Shiran stood up and said, "My master told me that men and women should not touch each other..."

"Then I'll go by myself, and you can stay here to feed the ghosts," Li Hengsheng said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Hengsheng felt Lu Shiran jump onto his back, her arms wrapped around his neck. Her soft body pressed against his back.

A faint scent wafted over, and at the same time, Lu Shiran's voice murmured in Li Hengsheng's ear, "My master said that men and women should not touch each other, but it's okay for a husband..."

"Heh," Li Hengsheng chuckled. He had no comment on this peculiar master and disciple.

He would just endure it during the Ghost Devil trial. After the trial was over, he would leave this place, and they would each go their separate ways.

She would return to Guanglan Palace, and he would return to Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

If nothing unexpected happened, they would never see each other again in this lifetime.

Li Hengsheng picked up a rope from the ground and tied Lu Shiran's waist to his own, to prevent her from falling off during the fight.

"Hold on tight. It's going to be very dangerous. Whether we live or die is uncertain. If you fall off and I don't come back to save you."

"I'll hold on tight. I won't let go," Lu Shiran said seriously.

Li Hengsheng held the Chasing Immortal Spear and leaped onto the roof. He looked into the distance and saw a sight that made his scalp tingle.

The countless members of the Ghost Clan were sweeping over like a sea.

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Even Lu Shiran couldn't help but gasp when she saw so many members of the Ghost Clan. Their saliva alone could drown the two of them.

Li Hengsheng judged the direction and rushed towards the outside of the forbidden area.

The Ghost Clan surged from all directions.

No matter which way he went, there were endless members of the Ghost Clan rushing to kill Li Hengsheng.

As soon as Li Hengsheng's primordial energy came out, it plunged into the ghost tide. The Chasing Immortal Spear in his hand swept out, causing ripples in all directions!

Li Hengsheng once again transformed into a killing god!

Along the way, he killed ghosts while protecting Lu Shiran on his back. He didn't know how far he had killed, and the endless fatigue, as well as the collapse of his primordial energy, had added many injuries to him and Lu Shiran.

But Li Hengsheng still relied on his strong willpower and desperately rushed out.

Hope was just ahead!

The forbidden area was still shrouded in black haze, as if countless evil ghosts were hidden inside, waiting for someone to enter and devour them.

Even as the sun rose and its light shone on the ghost city, there was no change in the forbidden area.

It was still shrouded in a dark haze, which was terrifying to look at.

Only when night fell would the haze dissipate.


A sword light killed another member of the Ghost Clan.

Yin Changli, with his sword, killed all five members of the Ghost Clan that had appeared, even those who were higher than him in realm couldn't escape his three swords.

"The day has finally dawned."

Yin Changli let out a deep breath. A night of fighting had left him feeling somewhat ragged.

"Brother Yin."

At this time, several disciples from the Medical King Valley also came from the other side. They were no longer surprised by the numerous bodies of the Ghost Clan around Yin Changli.

Although the disciples of the Medical King Valley were not good at fighting, they were all familiar with Yin Changli, the exceptional freak among them."Are you all okay?" Yin Changli looked at the approaching group, smiling as he sheathed his sword.

"We're fine, just a few minor injuries. Thankfully, another night has come to an end. I just want to go back and get some sleep," one disciple said, yawning.

The others also looked exhausted.

"I feel the same. Let's go back and get something to eat," Yin Changli said, starting to walk away.

However, at that moment, a figure suddenly burst out from the restricted area nearby.

Yin Changli instinctively reached for his sword.


The figure fell to the ground with a dull thud.

Yin Changli and the disciples looked closely and were shocked. The two figures were so covered in blood that they were barely recognizable as human.

Their bodies were covered in countless wounds of varying sizes. It was horrifying!

Both of them had fainted.

It was Li Hengsheng and Lu Shiran.

Li Hengsheng had managed to escape the ghost tide with his strong willpower. The moment he left the restricted area, he also fainted.

"Are they human disciples? Isn't this girl from Guanglan Palace?" a few disciples exclaimed in surprise.

"Let's take them back first," Yin Changli said, checking their breath and finding that they were still alive.

He looked at the two of them, and his eyes fell on the rope around Li Hengsheng's waist. This shocked Yin Changli. He didn't know what they had experienced in the restricted area, but it was clear that they had crawled out of death.

Even in such a situation, Li Hengsheng had not abandoned Lu Shiran. He had carried her on his back and run out. This made Yin Changli respect Li Hengsheng.

A real man!

Li Changqing, who was in the camp, also breathed a sigh of relief.

He had been watching Li Hengsheng. Seeing that Li Hengsheng had not escaped alone but had taken Lu Shiran with him, Li Changqing felt proud of his son.

If Li Hengsheng had abandoned Lu Shiran and run away, Li Changqing would not have blamed his son, but he would have felt that he should teach his son to be more responsible in the future.

Who would abandon their wife and run away?

If Li Hengsheng couldn't hold on in the end, Li Changqing would definitely have stepped in, even if he faced punishment. Fortunately, Li Hengsheng had managed to escape the restricted area and had run into the disciples of Medical King Valley and Yin Changli.

Yin Changli had taken them back.

Li Changqing was relieved. Although his son was seriously injured, with the help of Medical King Valley, there was nothing to worry about.

Li Hengsheng felt like he had had a long dream.

He dreamed of many things and many people.

He dreamed of his childhood, his father, and even his mother, whom he had never met.

Everything seemed so real.

But when Li Hengsheng tried to see his mother's face clearly, he couldn't remember it, and the figure was getting farther and farther away from him.

"You must grow up well, eat well, and live an ordinary life. Don't seek your origins. Although your mother is not by your side, she is always protecting you..."

The voice seemed close at hand, yet far away.

Li Hengsheng wanted to hold onto that voice, but no matter how hard he tried, the voice eventually faded away.

The next moment, Li Hengsheng sat up abruptly!

He stared blankly ahead, realizing it was all a dream.

But the dream felt so real.

He seemed to have heard his mother's voice. Was that his real mother's voice?

"Wait, where am I?" Li Hengsheng looked around. He was lying on a soft quilt, inside a tent. Had he returned to the camp?

Li Hengsheng couldn't remember. He only knew that the moment he saw the edge of the restricted area, he had rushed out without thinking.

Pulling back the tent curtain, Li Hengsheng found the place somewhat unfamiliar.

"You're awake?"

A gentle voice came.

Li Hengsheng saw a woman not far away, tending a fire.

The woman was stunningly beautiful, even more so than Lu Hanyan. Recognizing her, Li Hengsheng bowed and said, "Thank you, Song Fairy, for saving my life."

"I'm the one who saved you."

At that moment, another figure walked in from outside.

A young man about Li Hengsheng's age walked in from the door, a sword hanging from his waist.

He was smiling at Li Hengsheng and said, "You really can sleep. You've been asleep for a whole day and night. But your vitality is truly tenacious, and your body is strong. Despite your severe injuries, you've recovered so quickly. I thought you would be bedridden for a few days."

"Uh, thank you for your help," Li Hengsheng quickly thanked him.

"My name is Yin Changli," Yin Changli said. "I was supposed to take you to Dao Mountain Ancient Land, but you were too badly injured, so my master thought it would be better to heal you first before taking you back."

"Your injuries are almost healed," Mu Qingge approached. "Your physique is one of the most unique I've ever seen. Is it a divine body?"

Hearing this, Li Hengsheng's pupils contracted, and a hint of caution flashed in his eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," Mu Qingge said, noticing that Li Hengsheng seemed reluctant to let others know about his divine body."I won't say it either." Yin Changli sat down, smiling as he said, "Besides, I can tell you that I also possess a divine body, the Xuanmu Body, which is a type of divine body."

"Shut up." Mu Qingge frowned and said, "Your divine body is not even worth a dog's."

"A perfectly good Xuanmu Body, but instead of using it for alchemy, you focus on swordsmanship. What a waste!"

"Hehe!" Yin Changli scratched his head and chuckled.

Seeing the two of them, Li Hengsheng also felt relaxed. Suddenly, he remembered something and quickly asked, "By the way, did I bring Lu Shiran out?"

Li Hengsheng had not seen Lu Shiran since he woke up.

By the end of the battle, Li Hengsheng had lost all reason, only knowing to escape from the forbidden area, completely unaware of whether Lu Shiran was still with him or not.

"Don't worry, that little girl has been taken back by Lu Hanyan of Guanglan Palace." Mu Qingge said.

"But brother, you are really amazing!" Yin Changli said with a face full of admiration, "You must have experienced unimaginable battles inside, yet you managed to escape with someone else. I really admire you. You have the spirit of a man, a person who takes responsibility. For this alone, I, Yin Changli, acknowledge you as a friend. By the way, I still don't know your name."

"Li Hengsheng." Li Hengsheng also said his name.

"Li Hengsheng?" Yin Changli was suddenly stunned, "Why does this name sound so familiar?"

Mu Qingge also looked somewhat surprised.

The Medical King Valley was quite far from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, and Mu Qingge was not very fond of bustling places. Therefore, when Guanglan Palace and Li Changqing had a conflict over Li Hengsheng, Mu Qingge did not pay much attention and naturally did not know that the person in front of her was Li Hengsheng.

Mu Qingge never expected that the young man in front of her was Li Changqing's son!

"I remember now!" Yin Changli exclaimed in surprise, "Your name is Li Hengsheng, then your father..."


Before Yin Changli could finish, Mu Qingge raised her hand and slapped him, sending him flying.

Even Li Hengsheng was stunned.

"Master, what are you doing?" Yin Changli felt his burning face and looked at Mu Qingge in confusion.

"There was a mosquito." Mu Qingge said calmly.

"Huh?" Both Yin Changli and Li Hengsheng were dumbfounded. Could there be mosquitoes in a place where even people could freeze to death?

But when Yin Changli saw Mu Qingge's deathly stare, he suddenly remembered that Li Changqing had instructed him not to tell Li Hengsheng about his affairs.

Yin Changli finally understood.

"Damn mosquitoes." Yin Changli subconsciously waved his hand as if to drive away mosquitoes.

Li Hengsheng couldn't help but feel a little surprised. What a pair of eccentric master and disciple!

However, Yin Changli never expected that the disciple from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land whom he admired was actually Li Changqing's son.

As for Li Changqing, Yin Changli respected him from the bottom of his heart!

His current extraordinary swordsmanship was entirely due to Li Changqing's favor.

The benefits that the Xuanyuan Sword brought to him were truly enormous.

It could be said that to Yin Changli, Li Changqing was a great benefactor.

He didn't expect that the person he had saved was the son of Senior Li Changqing. Yin Changli was overjoyed, finally able to do something for his benefactor.

"Have I been asleep for a day and a night?" Li Hengsheng suddenly remembered what Yin Changli had just said.

"Yes, a night has passed." Yin Changli nodded.

"Ah." Li Hengsheng didn't expect that he had slept for so long. Wasn't this delaying his money-making?

He still owed a huge debt.

"Your injuries are no longer serious. I'll have Changli take you home later." Mu Qingge said to Li Hengsheng.

"Thank you, Senior Qingge." Li Hengsheng quickly said.

"Don't call me senior." Mu Qingge laughed, "Just call me Sister Qingge."


Li Hengsheng was stunned. Was the Mu Qingge, who was rumored to be very difficult to approach, such an easygoing person?

Why was she so gentle to him?

"Forget it, let's not send you back." Mu Qingge said to Yin Changli, "You go to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land and ask them to send someone to pick him up."

"Alright." After Yin Changli finished speaking, he left.

"Understand this, if I let someone send you back, other sects will overthink it. They will think that our Medical King Valley and Dao Mountain Ancient Land are planning something. Now that the Ghost Devil trial is more than half over, we need to avoid any unnecessary complications." Mu Qingge explained to Li Hengsheng.

"Sister Qingge... you don't have to say more, I understand." Li Hengsheng reluctantly accepted the title, but the feeling Mu Qingge gave him was really warm.

That kind of feeling didn't seem to be feigned, her eyes were very sincere.

Although Li Hengsheng didn't know why.

Why were all the people he met recently so friendly to him? Was this world so full of love?

The Qinglian Sword Sovereign was very friendly to him, and the Song Fairy was also very friendly to him.

When did he become so likable?

"By the way, Sister Qingge, I have something to ask you." Li Hengsheng's face became serious.

"Ask." Mu Qingge smiled and said.

"Does your Medical King Valley refine the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill?" Li Hengsheng asked cautiously."Seven Treasures Crystal Pill?" Mu Qingge raised her eyebrows, then said, "In this Cangyuan Realm, not many people can refine the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill, but fortunately, we at the Medical King Valley can."

"Is it easy to get the materials for the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill?" Li Hengsheng asked again.

"Of course, it's not easy." Mu Qingge shook her head, "Among the materials used to refine the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill, there are several that are particularly precious. But the most precious one is naturally the Dragon Blood Essence. That's the truly rare item. To refine the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill, at least seven drops of Dragon Blood Essence are needed. But in the entire Cangyuan Realm, the sects that can provide seven drops of Dragon Blood Essence are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns."

"Why, do you want to refine the Seven Treasures Crystal Pill?" Mu Qingge asked curiously.

"Can... can Dragon Blood Essence be bought?" Li Hengsheng asked with a glimmer of hope.

"Of course, it can be bought. The Merit Hall in Tianhai City has it. You can exchange it with merit points." Mu Qingge nodded.

"How many merit points can it be exchanged for?" Li Hengsheng's hope was ignited at this moment!

If he had merit points, he could exchange for Dragon Blood Essence!

"I remember it's about two hundred thousand merit points for one drop." Mu Qingge pondered for a moment and said.


It was as if a cold rain was pouring down.

Li Hengsheng felt a strong urge to die!

Two hundred thousand merit points for just one drop of Dragon Blood Essence!

Seven drops of Dragon Blood Essence would cost one million four hundred thousand merit points, not to mention the money for other precious materials, and the cost of hiring someone to refine it.

Li Hengsheng was now somewhat regretting rescuing Lu Shiran.

Some people die, but they are not completely dead...


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