Chapter 237 – Restrain

Exciting and ad-free! From a distance, Mi Xiaojing saw a red cloud, a Poison Lotus, and two figures colliding.

The attack, like a rainbow, painted a colorful glow. Mi Xiaojing said, "This Poison Lotus... why is it so powerful?"

Wang Weijun replied, "This is also a kind of demon, using Evolutionary Immortality and Cultivation to become demonic!"

Mi Xiaojing was puzzled, "Isn't demon bad?" He instinctively rejected the demon.

Wang Weijun casually said, "There's nothing wrong with demons, it depends on how you use them. However, demons are extreme, powerful, unpredictable, but they can affect the cultivator's temperament and the path of cultivation. This is not what cultivators want to see, otherwise, demonic artifacts and treasures would have been rampant in the Cultivation World."

Mi Xiaojing asked, "Is the bowl body of Thousand Poisons also a demonic treasure?"

Wang Weijun laughed, "Fool, of course not. I mean, this Poison Lotus has a demonic flavor, lost the indifference and non-competition of Evolutionary Immortality, and also lost the grandeur and righteousness of cultivation. Its methods are weird and poisonous, and it is close to the demon."

Mi Xiaojing said, "You scared me!"

He also had a Poison Lotus, which was restored by the Mantra Banner after helping Mu Hengyuan detoxify. This thing made his strength surge a lot, and even turned the tables on Chen Shouyi with this poison, eventually leading to Chen Shouyi's death.

Seeing the Poison Lotus of Thousand Poisons, Mi Xiaojing couldn't help but marvel. It was on par with the red cloud, and the two were in a stalemate. At this time, Brahman Sa had already protected Yin Jin and freed her hands.

She kept casting magical techniques, and at the same time chanting incantations. The red cloud split in an instant, one part continued to resist the Poison Lotus, and the other part shot at Thousand Poisons.

Brahman Sa firmly believed that as long as the red cloud covered Thousand Poisons, he would definitely be annihilated. She had already planned to capture the soul of Thousand Poisons and let him wail in the Blood Demon Banner for thousands of years. Anyone who dared to seriously injure her husband must make Thousand Poisons regret for eternity, regretting coming into this world!



"Freeze! Wisdom! Intelligence!"

"Silence! Destroy! Death!"

Thousand Poisons spat out the mantra, his hand flicking the prayer beads. When the mantra and the prayer beads combined, a large shadow of prayer beads struck out.

The innate suppression of demons by Evolutionary Immortality was fully demonstrated at this moment.

The chilling screams shook people's hearts. In an instant, a large number of skeletons in the red cloud disappeared, the original pungent smell of blood gradually faded, and even the red cloud itself dimmed.

Brahman Sa's face changed drastically. She had always been wary of Thousand Poisons, knowing that this guy was born of Evolutionary Immortality. She just didn't expect that he could restrain her Blood Demon Banner so much!

This blow reduced the power of the Blood Demon Banner by 10%. Originally, after killing Ban Jin, as long as the Blood Demon Banner digested it, it could increase a lot of power. But after being hit by Thousand Poisons, not only did it wear away this part of the growth, but it also reduced the overall power of the Blood Demon Banner, which made her shudder with heartache.

Thousand Poisons, however, breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he was fighting against a demonic treasure, and he didn't have much confidence in the first place. Seeing that the mantra was so restraining to the Blood Demon Banner, a ferocious smile appeared on his face.

Since he could suppress it, Thousand Poisons didn't mind killing this couple. He launched another attack.

Mi Xiaojing watched in awe. The battle at the Elemental Infant stage, especially the battle of magical treasures, really opened his eyes.

Wang Weijun said, "Such treasures, although powerful and sharp in battle, the truly powerful ones are still swords! The real sword is not only a weapon, but also a guarantee of one's own cultivation level. However, your situation is special, the path you are taking... hmm, you can refer to the path of Thousand Poisons, but he is not as good as you!"

Why he was not as good, Wang Weijun didn't say a word, because he knew in his heart that Mi Xiaojing had the Mantra Banner, and anything was possible. He had seen enough of the magic of the Mantra Banner, which could definitely turn decay into magic.

Both of them were watching the battle. Mi Xiaojing kept casting magical techniques, guiding the battlefield to move in the direction they needed, forcing the core of the large array towards the Xuanbing Pillar.

Brahman Sa had the idea of retreating, not because she felt she couldn't beat Thousand Poisons, but because she was eager to save Yin Jin. This was the most important thing at the moment. Once Yin Jin died, even if she killed Thousand Poisons, she would not be able to accept it.

Thousand Poisons, however, had no intention of leaving. He knew that once the other party left, once they left the Heart Sect, they would be mortal enemies in the future, and they would have to fight to the death when they met.

He knew that he was alone, while the other party was a pair. One was at the Great Perfection of the Elemental Infant stage, and the other was in the late stage of the Elemental Infant. If the two of them joined forces, he would have to retreat. If they found some helpers, he might not be able to escape.

Now was a great opportunity to eliminate future troubles. One of them was seriously injured, and the other was suppressed by his mantra.

One wanted to leave, and the other wanted to fight. The one who wanted to leave was very uncomfortable. After several collisions, Brahman Sa was really angry. She had never suffered such a loss before. If it weren't for her husband's injury, she would have fought hard.

Seeing that the Blood Demon Banner was not very effective, Brahman Sa had to recall it. This thing was still very useful for protection, and at the same time, she wrapped Yin Jin into the Blood Demon Banner for protection.The fight between the two became increasingly fierce, and they were constantly moving. Even without using her magical treasure, Brahman Sa's own strength was quite formidable, and Thousand Poisons was not gaining any advantage for the time being.

Mi Xiaojing and Wang Weijun's attention had shifted, no longer watching the battle, but focusing on the core of the formation. This silver light cluster was already close to the mysterious ice pillar.

How to enter the silver light cluster became Wang Weijun's problem. As long as they found the right way, Mi Xiaojing could enter it. Although there was a certain risk, the benefits were absolutely sufficient. Both Mi Xiaojing and Wang Weijun thought this risk was worth taking.

Wang Weijun's concept was that ancient ruins, no matter what kind, even if they had been excavated, as long as they got the news, they must go and search.

This was a process of competing in knowledge, experience, and insight. As long as they got a good item, it could greatly help their cultivation level.

Even if there were no treasures, going in to gain some insight and broaden their horizons was also worthwhile. The layout and knowledge of the ancient cultivators were precious heritage for any cultivator.

Mi Xiaojing used one set of magical techniques and incantations after another, gradually influencing the core of the formation. During this time, Wang Weijun was constantly helping to correct, trying to get the core of the formation closer.

The people in the Mysterious Heaven Formation were still struggling. Brahman Sa and Thousand Poisons were still in a life-and-death battle, but these could no longer attract Mi Xiaojing's attention. His eyes were fixed on the core of the formation not far away.

At this time, he was less than ten meters away from the core. Mi Xiaojing could see clearly that the core of the formation was like a light balloon, floating up and down not far away.

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Wang Weijun was also very nervous, saying, "The second set of magical techniques and incantations should bring the core closer."


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