Chapter 235 – Sly little snake

Outside the Autumn Rain Tower, misty rain enveloped the surroundings.

The Xingyi Gang was in a fierce battle with the Pinghu Club at the Peaceful Lake. After Sha Qi's men joined the fight, the Pinghu Club was defeated and scattered in all directions.

Wei Zicai did not stay long and had already left.

It was unclear whether he had the intention to kill Zhao Changhe to silence him, but seeing Han Wubing, who was glaring at Zhao Changhe, and the mysterious and sinister Yihuo Snake by his side, he didn't dare to act rashly. He only said in a low voice, "I will go back and confess my resignation to the Chancellor."

Zhao Changhe didn't say much and let him leave.

"Cough." Sha Qi cleared his throat and walked over, "Um, does Wei Zicai's matter affect the deal we agreed on?"

"Yes." Zhao Changhe didn't even look at him, and said indifferently, "Actually, we don't need to do anything else. If Sha Qi can't control Jianhu City in this situation, then he would be unworthy of the trust of Lord Five, right?"

"The city is simple, but what about the lake? We are not interested in the city. The purpose of controlling the city is only for the lake."

"If we leave, you can find it yourself. You will have sole control of Jianhu City. Can't you find a place?"

Sha Qi didn't say much, thinking to himself that as long as they didn't cause trouble, it would be fine.

At this moment, he was also somewhat wary of Zhao Changhe. Who knew what kind of trouble this guy, along with the Yihuo Snake and Han Wubing, could stir up.

If Zhao Changhe intended to play the role of the city lord, this game would almost be a sure win for him in Jianhu City.

Thinking about it, it's quite impressive... This person is... a prince?

Sha Qi was lost in thought for a moment and didn't say much more, then left in a hurry.

Zhao Changhe watched him leave, then asked Han Wubing, "Do you still want to stay in that place? If you do, we can confront Sha Qi again."

Han Wubing smiled, "No need. It's time for me to leave as well. I've basically absorbed the sword intent in that place. It's not very useful to anyone else. I'll just give them an empty sword room."

"There is still some sword intent..." Zhao Changhe thought for a moment and said with a smile, "But there's really not much left. If they want to play with it, let them. They probably think it's some amazing treasure, but when they find it, it's just a sword room the size of an inn courtyard. I wonder if they'll feel like they've eaten a mouthful of shit."

Han Wubing shook his head and smiled wryly.

Zhao Changhe said, "But I think they probably don't really need it. It seems that some people are just collecting various lost spaces... After all, this is a kind of bridge."

Han Wubing nodded, "Perhaps."

"It's none of our concern. We haven't even touched the Human List. We're still far from getting involved in such high-level disputes." Zhao Changhe stopped discussing this and asked, "What are your plans now?"

Han Wubing asked, "Is there anything that requires my intervention?"

Zhao Changhe smiled, "Oh, I forgot you're a bounty hunter. How much is the reward for killing someone?"

Han Wubing's face turned serious, "One billion."

"I'll give you a dozen billion if you do it."


"Go to the grasslands. During the Yanmen battle, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to use our skills."

Han Wubing nodded, "I have the same intention."

Zhao Changhe waved his hand, "Go, go, go. Haven't you had enough fun with the big candle? Do you think I want to go to the grasslands with you? Go play by yourself."

Han Wubing looked at the Yihuo Snake by Zhao Changhe's side, feeling speechless for a long time. Finally, he couldn't help but ask, "Was the person last time the Saintess of the Four Elephant Sect?"


"Are you trying to conquer the Four Elephant Sect with your charm?"

Zhao Changhe kicked him, and Han Wubing flew backward, retreating all the way out of the Autumn Rain Tower. As he flew backward, he bowed and said, "I won't say much about this matter. I'll see you on the grasslands."

With that, he was gone.

"This lightness skill is quite impressive. If I had known he had this level of skill, I wouldn't have thought he would be caught by someone." Zhao Changhe clicked his tongue and walked to the edge of the tower to look down.

Outside the tower, the misty rain continued, and the sounds of battle had gradually faded away, leaving only the bloodstains on the ground, quietly flowing under the gentle rain.

Zhuque stood next to him with a stern face, and she spoke for the first time as she watched Zhao Changhe finish up, "You let Wei Zicai go just like that, and you continue to cooperate with Sha Qi?"

Zhao Changhe said, "Although they have their own interests in mind, they ultimately didn't harm me. The nature of the matter is different. As for Wei Zicai's betrayal... whether it's the Four Elephant Sect or the Demon Suppression Division, it's not uncommon for the people below to act in their own self-interest, especially the Demon Suppression Division. When the building is about to collapse, how many loyal ministers and righteous men can there be? It's already good if they don't defect to the enemy... I will write a letter to Chancellor Tang and see how she handles it."

Zhuque thought for a moment and said calmly, "I don't think she will even handle it. She's all talk and no action. But she will reward you. Do you want a reward?"

Zhao Changhe turned to look at her. This is a sarcastic remark...

But Zhuque suddenly changed the subject, "What does it mean to conquer the Four Elephant Sect with charm?"

Zhao Changhe coughed, "Han Wubing is crazy. Don't mind him."

"What does it mean for Zhuque to send someone to have an affair with you?"

"Zhao Changhe is crazy. Don't mind him."

"Don't mind?" Zhuque gritted her teeth and grabbed his collar, "Now the whole Jianhu City has heard what you said. Are you doing this on purpose?"

Zhao Changhe turned to look at the scenery, almost whistling.

Seeing his lazy appearance, Zhuque gritted her teeth, but surprisingly, she found that she didn't feel angry at all. Instead, she just wanted to laugh.

It doesn't matter, anyway, the one whose reputation has been ruined is the Yihuo Snake, and he's teasing the Yihuo Snake. Sooner or later, she'll find a chance to kill the little bitch.

But this matter can't be exposed, it has to be blamed on the past.

"Heh..." Zhuque suddenly laughed, and her teeth-gritting voice became somewhat charming as she breathed into his ear, "Do you want to see me reveal my face?"

Zhao Changhe coughed, "Just tell me if I can help you more. I've hardly used your power at all. Your power has only been used to deal with your own traitors. Even when Hela wanted to kill you, I had already made arrangements to help you deal with it."Rosefinch said in a coquettish voice, "That's right~"

Zhao Changhe cautiously replied, "So..."

"You're dreaming! If it weren't for you insisting on uncovering the rumors, I wouldn't be in danger at all. Knowing who the traitor is, I could have dealt with it in the shadows. Why would I need to face assassination in public? And why on earth would He Lei want to chop me up? All the danger I'm in is because of you. It's you who dragged me down, and you have the nerve to say you're helping me! I even suspect that all these people are actors you hired to play along with your scheme!"

"Eh?" Zhao Changhe stroked his chin, "That does seem somewhat reasonable."

Rosefinch was quite pleased, "See!"

"Leaving the facts aside, tell me, isn't it me who helped you find the traitor? Or did you help me more?"

"Of course, I helped you more. Without my flick of the finger, you would have been killed by Qin Ruhui!"

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"You're cheating!"

"So what if I am? I'm a witch of the demonic sect!"

"Playing dirty really is damn effective." Zhao Changhe laughed, "Alright, alright, let's not expose anything. But I refuse to look at that snake face, give me a pig instead."

"Do you have a problem with my Winged Fire Snake?"

"Not at all." Zhao Changhe took out his own pig mask and put it on, "It's just that with a pig, we'd be a pair."

"Who's a pair with you?" Rosefinch said, yet she couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight of his pig mask, finding it adorable every time.

She must look the same to him.

Rosefinch's eyes danced as she finally found a corner to change her mask, then turned and said, "It's not because we're a pair, but to fulfill our bet!"

"Our bet was to see your true face, so are you implying that this pig is your true face?"

"I think you're asking for death!" Rosefinch pounced, and Zhao Changhe took off running.

Two pig heads, one chasing and one fleeing, disappeared into the misty rain.

In the chaotic city, with no good men in the jianghu, the oppressive weather, and the dull colors, all shattered in the midst of the chase. The coolness of the autumn rain seeped through the gaps in the mask onto the cheeks, chilly and refreshing, as if all the troubles had vanished, making the jianghu beautiful.

The pig head darted into the inn, and the male pig head was finally caught by the female pig head, pinned against the wall, poised to strike.

The male pig head suddenly reached out, grabbing the female pig head's wrist.

The two pigs looked at each other, and the atmosphere became tranquil for a moment.

Under the broad daylight, by the misty lakeside, with this lone man and woman in the same room, the playful bickering naturally felt different.

Rosefinch suddenly realized, what am I doing?

Why am I actually flirting with him...

I'm not the Winged Fire Snake sent by the Venerable to get involved with him, I'm freaking Rosefinch... What on earth am I doing...


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