Chapter 188 – Be a dark horse

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It's not that being low-key is wrong. Qi Yuan Star has survived for two hundred years through such means, and naturally, they have their reasons.

Du Ge is not rigid. He knows when to be high-profile and when to be low-key.

This mainly depends on the Keywords he's assigned and the advanced skills that derive from them.

Nan Youlong says he's impulsive and impatient.

But Du Ge knows he's never been reckless. Every move he makes is at the most advantageous moment for himself. To be precise, he's good at seizing opportunities.

Although he doesn't quite agree with the Qi Yuan Star warriors' understanding and application of Keywords, Du Ge still settles down to watch videos from many different worlds.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.

(Proofreader: The phrase "知彼知己,百战不殆(Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated)" originates from the ancient Chinese military treatise, "The Art of War," written by Sun Tzu during the Spring and Autumn period. This phrase means that if one fully understands both the enemy and oneself, one can be invincible in any battle. It emphasizes the importance of in-depth knowledge of both parties in warfare for achieving victory. )

Watching videos is also a way to understand your enemies.

After all.

The Alien Star Battlefield is a matter of life and death, and one can never be too careful.

Moreover, through their experiences, watching the operation and culture of different worlds can also be very educational.

After studying many videos, Du Ge realizes that in some worlds, one must be low-key out of necessity.

For example, worlds with a complete system of gods and spirits.

Once these divine beings make a move, their power is earth-shattering, and not something an ordinary person can contend with after just a year or two of development.

In such worlds, one can only lie low until the big shots take action and eliminate the top ten.

Surviving until the end of the Simulation Field is a success.

And sometimes, even lying low doesn't guarantee success.

You might be lying low and suddenly become a target for a Demon Head looking for human lives to practice their skills on; if you're lucky, you might become a tool for their practice; if you're not, you might not even know how you died...

In those worlds with advanced technology, where spaceship battles erupt in the cosmos and weapons can destroy half a planet with a single shot, that's truly an untimely death...

The more videos Du Ge watches, the more he realizes why the death rate on the Alien Star Battlefield is so high. The Simulation Field is child's play compared to the real thing.

And he's increasingly shocked by the Pan-Universal Entertainment's practice of broadcasting real-life shows for profit, proving that there are many civilizations on par with it.

This universe is too terrifying.

No wonder the people of Qi Yuan Star have given up. If Earthlings encountered such advanced civilizations, they would probably be powerless...

Nan Youlong is right. Gaining a few more skills in the Simulation Field is useless; these experiences are more helpful for survival.


During this time.

Nan Youlong visited several times and was relieved to see Du Ge diligently studying the videos.

He was afraid Du Ge would be too proud to acknowledge others' success, which would be a sure path to doom.

Although many experts and high-level officials are not optimistic about Du Ge, his three Simulation Field results speak for themselves, and deep down, everyone actually holds a sliver of hope and fantasy for him.

What if he succeeds?

Qi Yuan Star hasn't taken first place in a long time.

The resources awarded from first to tenth place decrease in value, with the first place's resources almost equaling the total of second to ninth.

Securing a first place could help Qi Yuan Star survive a significant crisis.

What Nan Youlong regrets is that Du Ge refuses to cooperate with Liang Fei and Liang Le to leave descendants, which would have added a layer of commitment to the world.

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But Nan Youlong doesn't mind. If Du Ge dies on the Alien Star Battlefield, leaving descendants would be meaningless.

Once he returns alive, enjoying a wealth of resources and privileges, he will naturally find ways to maintain them through his family and descendants, without the need for prompting.

It's normal for young people to be immature; a round on the Alien Star Battlefield will change that.


Time flies.

One day, Nan Youlong arrives by helicopter to pick up Du Ge, who has been in deep training: "You're going to the battlefield in two days. You've been assigned to Group B. After watching so many predecessors' experiences, how do you feel?"

"Not bad," Du Ge smiles.

"Good attitude. Keep it up," Nan Youlong looks at him approvingly. "I've seen many newcomers who are calm when entering the Simulation Field, but become incoherent at the mention of the battlefield."

"That won't happen to me," Du Ge says nonchalantly, smiling. With two Keywords and possibly the Power of Poseidon, his chances of survival are theoretically twice as high as others. There's really nothing to be nervous about.

"Du Ge, before you head to the battlefield, I won't say much. Just one thing: be yourself, and then, survive."

Nan Youlong pours Du Ge a glass of water, pushes it towards him, and gives a final pre-battle pep talk.

"Staff Officer Nan, will there be anyone I know on the Alien Star Battlefield this time?" Du Ge suddenly asks.

"Gao Ming and the others?" Nan Youlong smiles. "I must say, the students you've influenced have a style similar to yours, but they're not as outstanding as you. Gao Ming and Yin Erchuan are promising, but it still depends on their performance in the upcoming Simulation Fields.

If they continue to excel in the next Simulation Fields, they might fight alongside you in the third or fourth round of the Alien Star Battlefield.

Of course, that's assuming you survive, or they don't get eliminated.

I have to say, your personal charm is really strong. Those influenced by you are determined to follow in your footsteps, and they carry a strong sense of your personal style. Even if they don't make it to the Alien Star Battlefield, they can still be trained as your support. After all, everyone needs a helping hand in life..."


As they travel, Nan Youlong advises Du Ge on things to be aware of when entering the Alien Star Examination Field and brings him to a base with a strong sense of technology.

The base's structure resembles a hexagram or a blooming flower, with a silver exterior made of an unknown material. At the center of the petals, many antenna-like signal towers stand, shooting beams of light straight into the sky with no visible end...

"This is the Pan-Universal Entertainment's assessment field," Nan Youlong stands outside the base, giving Du Ge the final introduction. "I don't have the authority to go in. Go ahead by yourself; someone will receive you inside."


The Simulation Field is indeed not the real world; the assessment pod is too rudimentary.

Seeing the massive structure, Du Ge mutters in his heart, nods, says goodbye to Nan Youlong, and heads straight for the assessment field with his nameplate.

Outside the assessment field, a round robot flying up and down scans his body and nameplate. Once his identity is confirmed, Du Ge is led to sit on a floating chair and enters the base.

Along the way.

Du Ge sees many young people like himself, sitting in floating chairs, curiously looking around.

Soon, Du Ge realizes that his path is different from the others.

In this strange alien base, he has no control and can only let the chair carry him forward.

The floating chair passes through corridors and doorways, and finally through a light screen, abruptly arriving in another world filled with birdsong, green grass, rivers, mountains, and beautiful scenery, like a fairyland...

From a place full of technology to a world brimming with nature, Du Ge is astounded. This must be the so-called space technology, incredibly impressive.

Then, his gaze falls on a young man fishing by the river.

Someone from Pan-Universal Entertainment?

In the next instant.

Du Ge's vision blurs, and the floating chair that was in mid-air suddenly appears by the riverbank.


Du Ge's mouth twitches involuntarily. Hua Guyun actually wanted to Body Possess such a person. Ridiculous!

"Du Ge, hello. I'm Bai Long, the head of Pan-Universal Entertainment's Qi Yuan Star branch," the young man says with a warm smile, putting down his fishing rod and extending his hand to Du Ge. "Of course, that's my name on Qi Yuan Star. My real name isn't convenient to share."

"Hello." Du Ge steps down from the chair and shakes his hand.

"I was impressed by your performance in the Simulation Field. I've never seen a native worlder cause the Simulation Field's AI to crash by their own ability," Bai Long says, admiring Du Ge as they quickly release hands. "So, I personally named you to join the Alien Star Battlefield, hoping you don't mind."

Under someone's roof, one must bow their head.

Du Ge smiles: "It's an honor."

Seeing through Du Ge's thoughts, Bai Long chuckles: "Don't be dissatisfied with me. I truly see potential in you. I specifically called you here to tell you something: perform well on the Alien Star Battlefield. I've placed a heavy bet on you. If you can take first place, in addition to the Simulation Field's rewards, I'll give you some extra prizes within the rules."

Du Ge is stunned.

"Kid, you don't think we really live off viewership, do you?" Bai Long looks at Du Ge with a smile. "The betting on each Alien Star Battlefield is our company's biggest revenue. So, give it your all! Be the dark horse that shocks everyone.

Of course, if you can boost Qi Yuan Star's viewership, the company's rewards won't be small either. Mental power is a good thing..."


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