Chapter 302 – The genius who has been sleeping since ancient times

"How does Childe Qin plan to find his treasure?"

Childe Qin chuckled, "Does Mr. Mi think I randomly chose Guhuai Town to hide my treasure? No, no."

"What do you think is the most famous thing about Guhuai Town, Mr. Mi?"

Mr. Mi hesitated, "Female ghosts?"

The mention of Guhuai Town reminded him of the three most successful female ghosts.

Mr. Mi planned to have the three female ghosts write a summary of their experiences and report to him. He would then present it as a successful case to the higher-ups, promoting the sustainable strategy of absorbing Yang Qi, improving the survival space of female ghosts in the sect, and increasing the absorption rate of Yang Qi.

What Xiao Qi and the others didn't know was that Mr. Mi had hundreds of ghosts under his command, all diligently collecting Yang Qi.

But only the performance of these three was the highest, earning Mr. Mi's favor.

Childe Qin: "......"

Suppressing his anger, Childe Qin smiled, "It's the locust tree."

"Locust trees nurture ghosts, they are rare objects that connect the Yin and Yang realms. Our sect worships the existence of the Nine Netherworlds, and the locust tree subtly aligns with our doctrine."

"In my previous life, I deeply understood this path, favored the locust tree, and naturally noticed Guhuai Town, which is full of locust trees."

"Therefore, my previous life buried the treasure under the locust tree, applied numerous seals, and was influenced by the Yin Qi of Guhuai. It cannot be found by divine consciousness, causality, heavenly eyes, and other methods, only the mortal eyes can find it."

Childe Qin said leisurely, as if recalling his past life experiences.

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In fact, he didn't know where the treasure hidden by the sect leader was, but he had a high-ranking member of the Nine Netherworlds Sect behind him who was proficient in the way of causality. By paying a certain price, he roughly calculated the clue to the treasure.

【Locust Tree】

This was the result calculated by that high-ranking member of the Nine Netherworlds Sect.

With the clue, he just needed to search in Guhuai Town for a while, and he would eventually find it.

And Mr. Mi, who had been watching from the side all along, was the best witness.

In this way, he could firmly establish his identity as the reincarnation of the sect leader.

"Unfortunately, the matter of reincarnation is too complicated, involving too much. Even though I have successfully reincarnated, I still can't glimpse all the mysteries of reincarnation. Now I have only unlocked a corner of my past life's memory, and I can't remember the exact location of the treasure." Childe Qin shook his head, his tone filled with vicissitudes and regret.

"In that case, I'm going to Guhuai Town tomorrow to collect the gathered Yang Qi. Would Childe Qin like to accompany me?"



The next morning, Mr. Mi brought Childe Qin to the dilapidated temple in Guhuai Town.

Childe Qin frowned subconsciously, somewhat disdainful of the dilapidated temple, "Is it here?"

Mr. Mi laughed, "Don't underestimate this place, Childe Qin. It can provide a large amount of Yang Qi every month. The Yang Qi collected from Guhuai Town alone is equivalent to that of seven or eight small towns, sometimes even more."

"That's interesting, I'd like to hear more."

"There are three female ghosts here. They have forgotten their past lives and their real names, so they gave themselves nicknames, Xiao Wu, Xiao Liu, and Xiao Qi. Among them, Xiao Qi is the youngest and the smartest, and also has the highest cultivation talent among the three sisters, with a cultivation level at the late stage of Foundation Establishment. Her two sisters are at the mid-stage of Foundation Establishment."

Childe Qin was somewhat surprised. Logically speaking, a small place like Guhuai Town should not be able to nurture a late-stage Foundation Establishment ghost. It could only be said that this Xiao Qi was indeed capable.

"Xiao Wu, Xiao Liu, Xiao Qi, come out!" Mr. Mi ordered the three female ghosts to come out.

The three female ghosts floated out of the temple, timidly calling out "Mr. Mi", making people's hearts itch.

Each of them held a mutton-fat jade bottle in their hands, which contained the Yang Qi they had collected over the past month.

Childe Qin's spirits were lifted. He had seen many decent-looking female cultivators and female ghosts, but he had never seen ones like these three, especially Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi and the others were surprised to see Childe Qin. Mr. Mi always appeared alone, why did he bring someone today?

Childe Qin was not in their plan.

"Mr. Mi, can I borrow these three female ghosts? They have been wandering around Guhuai Town for a long time and can be of great help in my search for the treasure." Childe Qin had a personal interest.

"Don't worry, Mr. Mi. I know they are your money trees. I just want to borrow them. Once I find the treasure, I'll return them to you. How about it?"

Mr. Mi hesitated. He certainly didn't want to, but the other party was suspected to be the reincarnation of the sect leader. If he offended him, he would definitely make things difficult for him in the future.

He gritted his teeth, he wouldn't offend the reincarnation of the sect leader over three female ghosts: "Alright, I'll lend them to Childe Qin."

Mr. Mi was about to transfer the soul restriction to Childe Qin when his face suddenly changed. He grabbed the still dazed Childe Qin and quickly retreated.Three sword auras descended from the sky, piercing the ground where Mr. Mi had just been standing.

The sword aura was sharp, slicing through the soil as if cutting through tofu. It burrowed deep into the ground, disappearing without a trace after an unknown number of meters.

Mr. Mi was still in shock. These three sword auras had aimed for his vital points. If it weren't for his unique cultivation technique that allowed him to evade danger to some extent, he would have had to use his life-saving treasure to defend against them.

That was a treasure he had exchanged for with his life and fortune.

Clap, clap, clap—

Casual applause echoed from behind the three female ghosts, reminiscent of a carefree childe.

"Mr. Mi, you're quite skilled. I thought that even if these three swords didn't kill you, they would at least cause some damage. I didn't expect you to be so agile and dodge them in advance."

As the dust settled, four young figures appeared, three men and one woman. They were all vibrant and outstanding, even compared to the reincarnated sect leader, Childe Qin, they seemed more imposing.

"Who are you!" Mr. Mi was on high alert. The other party knew his identity, so they must have come prepared. They weren't afraid of him, who was at the Elemental Infant stage.

Most importantly, among the four of them, two were at the late Foundation Establishment stage, and two were at the early Golden Elixir stage. The sword aura must have been released by one of the early Golden Elixir stage cultivators.

But how could a sword aura from an early Golden Elixir stage cultivator threaten him?

What kind of genius was this?

Even top-tier sects couldn't cultivate such a genius, only the Five Great Immortal Sects could. Or was this a Tribulation Crossing candidate intentionally cultivated by the Great Xia Dynasty?

Regardless of the possibility, the situation was grim.

"The Five Great Immortal Sects? The imperial court?"

Mr. Mi was prepared to flee at the slightest sign of danger.

The one who had clapped earlier seemed to be the leader of the four. He appeared oblivious to Mr. Mi's alertness and hostility, and chatted with Mr. Mi cheerfully, "You're Mr. Mi from the Nine Nether Sect, right?"

Without lifting his head, the man picked at his fingernails and said, "My name is Lu Yang."

Lu Yang suddenly raised his head, his eyes blazing like two sharp swords, startling Mr. Mi to the point where he dared not meet his gaze.

Mr. Mi instinctively blinked, but when he opened his eyes again, he couldn't see anything unusual. It was as if he had just had an illusion.

"Mr. Mi, you're not very knowledgeable, so you probably haven't heard of us."

Lu Yang chuckled lightly, "What are the Five Great Immortal Sects and the Great Xia Dynasty? We are all geniuses from the ancient times, aiming to become immortals. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Immortals and others were jealous of our talents back then. They set up obstacles and sealed off the path to immortality. We had no choice but to hibernate, choosing to awaken before the upcoming era, to compete for the fruit of immortality and restore the glory of our Heavenly Court."

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