Chapter 345 – The original Hakutaku Emperor

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Bai Xueling returned to the Hakutaku Dynasty, where her Kylin avatar was still busy reviewing petitions.

In fact, the position of the Kylin King among the eight great demon kings was also vacant. The previous Kylin King, Bai Xueling's brother, had been killed by Jiang Li with a single poke of his finger for daring to attack in front of him, relying on his auspicious status.

Bai Xueling did not seek a new Kylin King but instead had her avatar fill the role.

She even gave her Kylin avatar a new title: the Regent.


"You've traveled through other worlds and returned with exotic treasures," Eternal Celestial said, examining the blood of the Divine Concealment envoy that Jiang Li had brought back.

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"The blood of a Heavenly Immortal-level demon from beyond our realm is rare even in the Immortal Realms. I've only seen it a few times with my master."

The master Eternal Celestial referred to was the Taoist Ancestor.

Jiang Li recounted his experiences in the Lingxi world, and Eternal Celestial nodded frequently in response.

"The original Hakutaku Emperor was indeed a prodigy. I met him when he was just a child."

The Hakutaku Dynasty was established over thirty thousand years ago, at which time Eternal Celestial was already an immortal residing in the Nine Provinces.


Eternal Celestial:"The original Hakutaku Emperor must have had ancestral return. His parents were ordinary demons, and it's unclear how many generations back one would have to go to find a connection to Hakutaku.

Hakutaku could awaken its spiritual intelligence during the Foundation Establishment phase, much earlier than other demons. Back then, only demons in the Divine Transformation phase and above had spiritual intelligence. Once the original Hakutaku Emperor gained spiritual intelligence during his Foundation Establishment phase, he became an outcast among other demons and started pondering profound questions. He could answer these questions himself, but as he aged and his bloodline knowledge increased, his questions became increasingly difficult.

These questions troubled him and distracted him from cultivating. One day, he heard of my existence and came to the Taoist Ancestor to seek my guidance. I was astonished by the child's questions. I had seen young Hakutaku in the Immortal Realms, but they seemed childish compared to the original Hakutaku Emperor."

I thought he was a promising seedling and wanted to form a good karma with him, so I did my best to answer his questions. With my care, the original Hakutaku Emperor grew up much smoother."

The original Hakutaku Emperor had a strong sense of autonomy. He wanted to grow independently and break free from my way of thinking. Gradually, I let go and stopped meddling in everything."

At this point, Eternal Celestial felt a bit ashamed: "Fortunately, he liked to think independently and stopped asking me questions. As his experience grew, his questions became deeper, and some were so difficult that not only could I not answer them, but perhaps no one in the Immortal Realms could.

Later, he sought death to find life and successfully became a Tribulation Crossing immortal. Then he asked me a question: how could the demon race awaken their spiritual intelligence earlier?

I asked why he had such a thought, and he said that the human race was powerful and the demon race was declining, largely because of the intelligence of the humans. I said there were also many divine beasts in the Immortal Realms, and humans treated demons quite kindly, so why did he think the demons were declining?

He said that although there were many divine beasts, many were mounts for immortals, and this kindness was just like how one treats a pet. He wanted to change this situation. I told him that awakening the spiritual intelligence of demons was like making them prematurely transition from the beast path to the human path, which goes against the cycle of the six realms, and it was impossible.

He didn't believe it and wanted to try. Later, he used his racial talent 'No Secrets' to seek answers from the Heavenly Dao and found a method to awaken the spiritual intelligence of demon beasts.

After obtaining the formula, he feared that some of the ingredients were so rare they might go extinct, so he further refined the formula and integrated it into the Hakutaku bloodline.

In this way, as long as the descendants continued, they could always awaken the spiritual intelligence of demon beasts. Later, his concerns were proven correct; you've also seen the formula from Miss Xueling."

Jiang Li nodded: "Five-Heart Soul-Breaking Grass, Longevity Paste, Millennium Bamboo Leaf Green, Drought Snake Blood... and a few other ingredients are now very hard to find."

Eternal Celestial:"Yes, that's why he was so prescient. Like the Millennium Stone Bamboo, it was everywhere in the Nine Provinces at that time. Later, cultivators cut it down recklessly, fighting to prove their strength, and only taking without giving back, leading to its scarcity. Now, only a few plants remain.

Nowadays, these few plants are cultivated at the Spiritual Medicine Sect, treasured incredibly, and are considered a rare achievement that can stand out even at the Taoist Ancestor's Pill Refining Peak.

And the Drought Snake Blood, there must still be plenty of Drought Snakes in the Immortal Realms, but none left in the Nine Provinces.

The original Hakutaku Emperor established the Hakutaku Dynasty on this foundation. Oh, back then it wasn't called the Hakutaku Dynasty but the Hakutaku Nation.

Only truly enduring great nations have the right to be called dynasties.

The Hakutaku Nation was renowned, gathering most of the demon beasts of the Nine Provinces, and its combat power was on par with the empires of the time.

Later, the original Hakutaku Emperor ascended to the Immortal Realms and made a great name for himself there. I met him in the Immortal Realms; he truly was a rising star among immortals, with many giants showing goodwill, wanting to take him under their wings.

His cultivation talent was better than mine; it only took him ten thousand years to become a Heavenly Immortal. Later on, as the Ascension Ladder disappeared, I lost track of him."

Eternal Celestial sighed deeply, lost in memories for a moment, then refocused on the present: "This is indeed Hakutaku blood."

Jiang Li: "Does this mean there's a Hakutaku among the outer realm demons?"

Eternal Celestial: "It's hard to say. I've mentioned before that there are many theories about the origins of the outer realm demons. Some say they are born from the void, others say they are the aggregation of negative emotions from living beings, and there are various other strange theories.

You've seen it too, the bodies of Earth Immortal-level demons are chaotic, as if hundreds of different creatures are squeezed into one body. Some immortals believe this is because demons are born from negative emotions, with countless races and different creatures' negative emotions creating the outer realm demons.

This could also explain why even though each demon is different, their structures are all unique because they are born from different negative emotions.

Regarding Hakutaku blood, I think there are two possibilities. One is that the Divine Concealment envoy ascended from an Earth Immortal-level demon, discarding the chaotic elements within and retaining only the Hakutaku part, as Hakutaku symbolizes wisdom. The other possibility is that the Divine Concealment envoy was born from the negative emotions of all Hakutaku, which makes it not much different from a real Hakutaku.

The blood of the Divine Concealment envoy is the exact opposite of the original Hakutaku Emperor's blood; part of it must also be born from the original Hakutaku Emperor's negative emotions.

Of course, all this is based on the premise that outer realm demons are born from negative emotions."

Jiang Li casually asked, "Is it possible that the outer realm demons are fallen immortals, or have some connection to immortals?"

The two looked at each other for a long time before Eternal Celestial burst into laughter first: "How could that be? You really have quite the imagination."

Jiang Li smiled: "Indeed, how could that be? I'm thinking too much."


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