Chapter 302 – Bai Hongtu's magnificent plan

In the pitch-black space, fluorescent lights flickered, shining brilliantly like stars in the night sky.

The lights gradually converged into one figure after another, their bodies tall and sturdy, like unshakeable pillars holding up the sky.

These figures were both male and female, old and young, each with a different demeanor. Some were focused on cultivation, some were looking around bored, some were contemplating the mysteries of swordsmanship, and some were surrounded by companions.

If a low-level cultivator were to witness this scene, they would undoubtedly be intimidated by the aura of these figures, trembling in fear.

They were all renowned cultivators and leaders of major powers in the Nine Provinces, such as the heads of the six major sects, the emperors of the nine dynasties, and so on. When these people gathered together, it was certainly to discuss major events that would determine the direction of the Nine Provinces.

"Today, I have invited you all here through the use of the long-distance communication talisman. I believe you all understand the reason." A figure opened his eyes, his gaze sharp. It was none other than Bai Hongtu, the head of the Dao Sect, a genius who had reached the end of the Tribulation Crossing stage!

At Jiang Li's suggestion, Bai Hongtu had painstakingly created the long-distance communication talisman and distributed it to the leaders of the major powers.

"Emperor Meng Jiang, Emperor Wei, please behave yourselves and don't bring your consorts to serious discussions." Bai Hongtu couldn't help but remind.

The two figures surrounded by companions were none other than Emperor Meng Jiang and Emperor Wei.

"Oh." Emperor Meng Jiang corrected his mistake and left his consort's chamber.

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Emperor Wei corrected his mistake and left the Joyful Sect.

"Weren't we called here to discuss the major breakthrough in cultivation methods by the founder of your sect, the Yin Yang Heavenly Seal?"

Bai Hongtu nodded, "Indeed, the founder of the Yin Yang Heavenly Seal has been tirelessly working, along with the data and ideas collected from all over the Nine Provinces, he has finally made a breakthrough in the cultivation method of spiritual treasures."

Yu Yin opened her mouth, wanting to ask why a spiritual treasure needed to eat, drink, and sleep, but considering Bai Hongtu's seriousness, she refrained from commenting.

"With the new cultivation method, a spiritual treasure can improve by one rank, for example, from a low-grade spiritual tool to a mid-grade spiritual tool, or from a mid-grade magical tool to a high-grade magical tool."

"Can it cross ranks?"

Bai Hongtu gave a definite answer: "Yes. A high-grade spiritual tool can cultivate itself into a low-grade magical tool."

Everyone gasped. This was indeed a remarkable achievement, a qualitative breakthrough. By learning the new cultivation method for spiritual treasures, the overall strength of the Nine Provinces would greatly increase.

"The specific cultivation method will be made public to the entire Nine Provinces in a few days." Bai Hongtu paused, then continued, "However, this is just the superficial reason. I have called you all here for a more important reason!"

Everyone held their breath. If even the breakthrough in the cultivation method of spiritual treasures was considered a superficial reason, what was Bai Hongtu planning to do?

Thump, thump, thump... For a moment, the only sounds in the dark space were heavy breathing and heartbeats.

"I invite you all to join me in defeating Jiang Li!"


"Let's disperse, I still have to attend to my consorts." Emperor Meng Jiang turned to leave.

"Don't disturb my sword practice for such trivial matters in the future." Sword Monarch continued to contemplate his swordsmanship.

"Master Bai, when a person is killed, they die. Cultivators are also people, and life is precious. We only have one life, so we must cherish it." Buddha Master Wu Zhi earnestly reminded.

"Master Bai, just say it. I promise I won't tell Jiang Li." Goddess Jing Xin held a recording stone, ready to record the following events.

"Everyone, please hear me out first." Bai Hongtu quickly said.

"Jiang Li is indeed terrifying, but that should not be a reason for us to avoid battle and retreat. We cultivators should become braver with each battle, break through our limits, and surpass ourselves. Otherwise, how can we walk faster, straighter, and more correctly on the path of immortality!"

"But we're afraid that challenging Jiang Peoples Emperor will lead us to a dead end on the path of immortality."

"Stop beating around the bush and tell the truth." Yu Yin sneered, the more righteous and stern Bai Hongtu sounded, the less she could believe him.

"I can't defeat him alone, so I want to pull everyone together..."

"To die?" Ji Zhi interjected.

Bai Hongtu glared, "To defeat Jiang Li!"

"In fact, Jiang Li is not invincible. In my memory, he was chased and killed to the point of falling in rank during the Foundation Establishment stage, nearly died from poisoning during the Golden Elixir stage, was attacked by a demon beast and was hanging by a thread during the Elemental Infant stage, and narrowly lost when he challenged the Body Fusion stage during the Divine Transformation stage..."

"Can you talk about something that happened in the last three hundred years?" Li Er couldn't help but interrupt.

"He was... um... Anyway, Jiang Li is not invincible. As long as we find the right method, we can defeat him!" Bai Hongtu concluded.

"I already have a rough idea. Jiang Li will never expect that I would get inspiration in the Ancient World."

"What inspiration?" The master of Penglai Fairy Island, Mo Ruoyu, was curious.

"Spiritual plants as formations." Bai Hongtu revealed the answer.

"In the two years that Jiang Li went to the Ancient Continent, I traveled through mountains and rivers, measured the length and width of the Nine Provinces with my feet, and even visited the four seas on the other side of the continent."

"Setting up a larger formation is more difficult, the Nine Provinces Protective Formation is an example. But creating something out of nothing and slightly modifying the basis of spiritual plants are vastly different."

"According to my calculations, I can assure you all that it is possible to set up a grand formation that integrates the entire power of the Nine Provinces, and the power of the grand formation... is beyond my calculation range!""Do you understand what this means? As long as we set up this grand formation and concentrate the power of the entire Jiuzhou on me, there is a slight chance of defeating Jiang Li!" Bai Hongtu said excitedly, waving his arms, admiring his own intelligence and wisdom.

"Only by using power beyond the range can we fight against people beyond the range!"

It must be said, everyone was tempted.

Bai Hongtu's method was highly feasible. His mastery of formations was unparalleled in Jiuzhou. If he said it could be done, then it could be done.

Just imagine, if they could really defeat Jiang Li, how exhilarating that would be.

At that time, they could brag about having defeated Jiang Li!

"There are some spiritual plants in the wrong positions, they need to be moved. I need your help."

"It's a small matter, my Wu Emperor Dynasty agrees."

"I also agree with Bai Sect Master's plan." Yong Emperor stated.

"My Great Sui Dynasty..."

"Four Seas Dragon Palace..."

"Penglai Fairy Island..."

"The world of mortals Pure Land is also willing to participate." Goddess Jing Xin was tempted. If Jiang Li failed and was hit, she could take the opportunity to enter his heart...

It's feasible!

"I'll participate too." Yu Yin had long wanted to challenge Jiang Li, but unfortunately, their strengths were not equal. Even if Jiang Li fought with her, it would just be a feeding move.

She hoped to see Jiang Li's limit through Bai Hongtu's plan, making her goal clearer.

Gradually, more and more people raised their hands to express their stance, which made Bai Hongtu extremely excited.

Defeating Jiang Li was just around the corner!

"I will name this operation 'Attack Jiang Li'. Any objections?"

"I have a question." A figure who had not spoken from the beginning raised his hand.

"Speak." Bai Hongtu opened the floor for discussion.

"Next time you discuss such things, can you not drag me into it?" Jiang Li, sitting in the corner, said awkwardly.


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