Vol.3 - Chapter 85 – A hand on the back of the head

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Chu Liang's pupils involuntarily constricted, and Jiang Yuebai's heart was also struck by a storm of shock.

Neither of them had expected that within this secluded valley's humble wooden hut, they could stumble upon secrets of such magnitude.

Chu Liang was more focused on breaking the Demon Slayer Tower...

The calamity of the lost divine artifact five hundred years ago remains a mystery to this day. Could it be related to this place?

Jiang Yuebai's gaze was entirely captivated by the three words "Shenxu View."

She never imagined that she would suddenly encounter this name here, awakening memories buried deep in her heart.

Chu Liang quickly flipped to the next page, only to find it empty, with jagged, torn edges.

"The last page has been ripped out..." he said slowly, "but there's already plenty of information provided."

Piecing together the previous text, they could vaguely reconstruct the life of that Shu Mountain disciple.

He had few friends on Shu Mountain from a young age, as others were reluctant to interact with him. With his unruly nature, he was often punished by his master.

Ranking second during the golden age of Shu Mountain alongside Wuqi Shangren indicated his exceptional talent.

Then he discovered something.

His mother was trapped under the Demon Slayer Tower... which meant she was definitely not human.

Was this senior a half-demon?

Legend has it that children born of human and demon unions are half-demons, possibly resembling humans or demons, but ultimately, they all transform into demons.

Because the intensity of demon blood far exceeds that of human blood, the common belief is that even a single drop of demon blood will inexorably draw one closer to the demon race. Even if one once had a human form, they are likely to turn into a demon.

For some reason, Shu Mountain took in this half-demon child.

Then someone told him how to break the Demon Slayer Tower...

"The Demon Slayer Tower is the supreme divine artifact, how could it possibly be broken..." Chu Liang muttered, "Could this person have been deceiving him?"

"If it were anywhere else, it might be a deception, but if it's Shenxu View..." Jiang Yuebai's eyes were filled with bewilderment, "it might actually be true."

"Wouldn't that be more powerful than the ninth realm?" Chu Liang exclaimed in shock.

To break the foremost divine artifact of the mortal world, something not even a ninth realm demon god could achieve!

Chu Liang knew little about Shenxu View, mostly just superficial rumors from the martial world. But Jiang Yuebai clearly knew much more, even having some connections.

Previously, when Jiang Yuebai shared her background, she had mentioned it to him, though she did not elaborate.

She always harbored a deep wariness towards that place.

"The Jiang family once had eighth realm powerhouses and divine artifacts, at least on par with the top combat power of the Nine Heavens Immortal Sects," Jiang Yuebai said, "but after that battle, the powerhouses fell, and the divine artifacts vanished..."

Chu Liang fell silent for a moment.

That meant the Jiang family once had a Zhan Tian Yuan-level existence, with top combat power even stronger than today's Shu Mountain. They were suddenly erased from the world without even a ripple.

Such a terrifying existence, if they claimed they could break the Demon Slayer Tower, it wouldn't be surprising...

"This existence forever hidden in Shenxu, I wonder what for," Chu Liang pondered.

"I've been investigating Shenxu View for years, and I've found..." Jiang Yuebai slowly said, "Legend has it that ninth realm beings, when their lifespan nears its end, must enter Shenxu, and the very few who don't, all fall in mythic battles... In these battles, Shenxu View's shadow seems ever-present. But the history of those divine wars has been erased, leaving only local legends passed down by word of mouth, like the ancient evil gods of the Southern Domain..."


The ancient evil gods of the Southern Domain, the legend that formed the Southern Domain's mountainous landscape. An evil god, with countless demons under his command, was suppressed by a mountain peak that fell from the celestial realm.

Chu Liang had heard of it, but he didn't take such exaggerated ancient legends too seriously.

Could it be true?

With that thought, he suddenly remembered the murals he saw in the Canglong Secret Realm. In the final battle, the Dragon God was accompanied by several small figures...


Before he could ponder further, a violent crashing sound suddenly came from the mountain wall, followed by two consecutive blasts, and then the entire mountain wall exploded.

A half-bodied, hideously disfigured man in a black robe charged in, his eyes blood-red: "You were actually hiding here, almost letting you escape!"

Seeing him invade the small valley, Chu Liang immediately called out, "Old Fei! Time to work!"

A wisp of blue smoke appeared, and Old Fei, looking haggard, materialized: "My little ancestor, this isn't something I can handle?"

"You're both half-sixth realm, he's missing half side-to-side, you're missing half inside-out, what's there not to handle?" Chu Liang said, "Just hold on for a moment."

After summoning Old Fei, he didn't hesitate but immediately raised his hand to the sky, sending out a call.

Swoosh, swoosh—

A purple and a green sword light flew in succession!

Now within the bounds of Shu Mountain, he could summon the Purple and Green Swords with a mere thought!

Old Fei had no choice but to muster his spirits and fly out of the hut, shouting, "If you want to touch Chu Liang, you'll have to get past me first!"

With that, he pointed at the man in the black robe, "Within a radius of thirty feet, thou shalt not approach!"

Celestial magic, the law follows the word!

The power of this Confucian celestial magic was well known; with such a declaration, the man in the black robe was stuck thirty feet away, unable to advance.

But he sneered, then made a grasping motion with his hand and threw it forward!


A spear shadow materialized out of thin air, instantly piercing Old Fei's soul body!

"Ah—" Old Fei screamed, his soul body nailed to the mountain wall dozens of feet away, on the verge of dissipating!

His current combat strength was still far from a sixth realm peak powerhouse. Even though the man in the black robe was severely injured, he was no match for him.

Although Old Fei had fallen, the power of the spoken law still held, preventing the man in the black robe from advancing. He raised his hand, and bang—

The entire wooden hut instantly collapsed, revealing Chu Liang and Jiang Yuebai inside. However, at this moment, Chu Liang was surrounded by the purple and green sword lights.

"Heh, I don't believe you can still wield the Green Sash Sword," the man in the black robe said coldly.

He had seen with his own eyes Chu Liang unleashing a sword strike that drained his entire sea of qi, and a depleted sea of qi was not so easily restored.

Chu Liang looked at the man in the black robe strangely, as if he couldn't understand his confidence.

This time, he pinched the sword gesture with both hands.

Not only can I wield the Green Sash Sword, but I can also add the Purple Yíng Sword... Chu Liang uttered a low shout, "Swords unite—"

Hiss, hiss—

The two divine swords instantly sliced through the sky, circling and intertwining with a miraculous glow, as if accompanied by the sound of the heavenly gate opening.

Not just the man in the black robe, but even Jiang Yuebai beside him was shocked.

In such a short time, he had also mastered the Purple Yíng Sword's technique? Not only that, but the difficulty of uniting the two swords was several times harder than wielding any single divine sword alone.

He could do that?

Chu Liang's speed always refreshed her understanding of limits.

Chu Liang's eyes were cold as he commanded the swords.

During the time just now, he had indeed mastered the Purple Yíng Sword technique, because the two sword techniques shared many similarities, mastering one made the second somewhat faster.

The reason for forcing the swords to unite was out of necessity. Because he had seen, even with his cultivation, wielding a single divine sword might not guarantee the death of the man in the black robe.

If the strike missed, he would instantly lose his combat ability. Then, leaving Jiang Yuebai alone to face this man would be a matter of life and death.

So he had to forcibly activate the united swords!

Boom, boom, boom—

The swords converged, the rainbow light was infinite, and amidst the chilling air, it was as if divine punishment descended upon the world! A dazzling divine light fell from the sky, carrying a certain fatal force of slaughter!

The man in the black robe couldn't even dodge, feeling a tremor from deep within his soul!

This was the might of the divine swords!

Fleeing to the ends of the earth was futile; once locked on, one could only await death!

It descended!

Swoosh, boom—

The brilliant rainbow light exploded above the man in the black robe's head, like a grand fireworks display, causing his pupils to shake wildly.

Then, from within the fireworks, came cursing voices.

"You've done seventy-two bows, how come you faltered at the last moment?" That was the male sword's voice.

"Don't blame the kid, it's his first time, and he did really well to last that long," the female sword also said.

"So what do we do now? He definitely can't do it again," the male sword added.

Chu Liang sat collapsed on the ground, his face bearing a sheepish smile, showing his weakness.

It turned out that at the very last moment of the swords' descent, his control still couldn't hold up, and it collapsed thunderously.

The reason might be that it was his first time wielding such immense power, completely beyond his own realm. The sensation was indescribable, and the slightest mishap could cause it to slip from his grasp.

If he tried again, it might be much better, but there was no chance for a second attempt.

The man in the black robe, after experiencing the previous terror, now transformed it all into rage, looking at Chu Liang, this fourth realm ant that brought him several brushes with danger.

He must be flayed and his soul extracted!

Only then could he quell the hatred in his heart!

Just as he was about to lash out and torture the two before him, suddenly, he felt someone pressing down on his head.

An extra palm on the back of his head?


Who could suddenly appear beside him?

His divine sense swept over, only to see a tall woman in red, pressing a hand on his head, and sighing with relief, "Good, I made it in time."

Chu Liang, looking at the woman's figure, also showed a hint of relief. Earlier, the Green Sash Sword wasn't with him because he had sent it to Tongtian Peak to call for reinforcements.

Xu Ziyang and Ling Ao had also returned, but they couldn't locate him. However, the Green Sash Sword could lock onto his position at any time in Shu Mountain through their qi connection, making it more convenient for rescue.

So when the Green Sash Sword returned, it should be able to guide the rescuers.

As expected, his master had arrived.

It was Di Nvfeng who descended from the sky, pressing down on the black-robed man's head.

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A strong premonition of death surged again. To be controlled so effortlessly, it must be a powerful being, capable of taking his life in an instant! The man in the black robe felt unable to resist, any slight flow of true qi might provoke the other's killing move, so he quickly raised his hands, shouting loudly, "Don't kill me, let's talk!"

"Tch." Di Nvfeng scoffed with disdain.

A purplish-gold flame spread wildly, incinerating the man in the black robe in an instant, leaving not even a trace of ash.

"Talk to your mother."


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