Chapter 205 – Seeing Zhou Again

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Long Haocheng's expression was a bit awkward. Adding dishes was one thing, but adding just half a dish seemed a bit stingy, didn't it?

Xiao Luo also came up with a wry smile to explain: "General, getting half a dish extra is already quite good. Apart from the other day when Mr. Li Changqing was in an exceptionally good mood, he has never given extra food to anyone else. General, you are quite unique in this respect."

"Is that so!"

Hearing that he was the only one, Long Haocheng also became happy.

After queuing for more than half an hour, a table was finally freed up for Long Haocheng and Xiao Luo.

The two ordered two pots of clear distilled wine.

Additionally, Long Haocheng finally got to taste the legendary tiger pepper preserved eggs.

Long Haocheng had heard about tiger pepper preserved eggs back when he was at the general's mansion and was curious about what they were. Later, he heard from his subordinates that a very nice tavern had opened in the city.

Long Haocheng himself was a lover of good alcohol, so today he had Xiao Luo bring him out for a drink.

A gulp of the clear distilled wine made Long Haocheng feel refreshed from head to toe, an experience he had never had before.

As evening approached, the sky gradually darkened.

Long Haocheng's face flushed from drinking, then he looked at Li Changqing and waved him over, saying, "Mr. Li Changqing, why not come over and have a drink with us?"


Li Changqing didn't refuse. It wasn't a bad thing to get on good terms with the city's defensive general in Ziwu City.

Moreover, he could gather some intelligence, so why not?

So, Li Changqing sat down and started drinking too.

Unexpectedly, Long Haocheng was quite down-to-earth and, after drinking too much, became very talkative.

Perhaps even Long Haocheng himself didn't realize that his tolerance was quite good. The alcohol he used to drink never got him drunk so quickly, but the high-proof liquor from Li Changqing opened up his chatterbox, and he started telling Li Changqing about some things in Ziwu City.

Every month, some spirit beasts would attack Ziwu City. He had been guarding here for more than ten years and had encountered all sorts of situations, even beast tides every few years, which were his most painful times because too many of his brothers would die after the beast tides.

As he spoke, a look of regret appeared in his eyes.

Li Changqing just listened quietly.

"Mr. Changqing, you look somewhat familiar..." At this point, Long Haocheng was slurring his words, his eyes red, the classic sign of being flushed from drinking.

Hearing this, Li Changqing confirmed that Long Haocheng was drunk, but still replied with a smile: "Could it be that we've met before?"

"No, no, this should be our first meeting, but I've seen someone before who I think looks a bit like you." After saying this, Long Haocheng leaned in, unable to resist laughing: "The more I look, the more you resemble him."

"Resemble who?" Li Changqing asked curiously.

"I once visited Tianhai City, where I had the fortune to meet the then-famous genius painter, Yue Hanjun. I think you two look quite alike!" Long Haocheng laughed heartily.

Hearing this, Li Changqing was taken aback.

He had heard the name Yue Hanjun more than once before.

Pavilion Master Li Jinsong of the Floating Image Pavilion also often mentioned this name, asking if he knew him.

This made Li Changqing somewhat suspicious. Did he really resemble this Yue Hanjun?

"Do we really look alike?" Li Changqing couldn't help but ask out of curiosity.

"How to put it, at first glance, yes, but if you look closely..." Long Haocheng stared at Li Changqing's face and scrutinized it before muttering: "Not exactly alike, how strange."

"General Long, you're drunk," Li Changqing said indifferently.

"No, how could that be?" Long Haocheng chuckled, no longer maintaining his previous sage-like demeanor, and came up to Li Changqing, slinging an arm around his shoulder, saying: "Brother, let me tell you, I've never been drunk in my life! So if you say I'm drunk, that's nonsense. I'm not bragging to you, I could drink five... oh no, ten pots more without any problem."

Li Changqing smiled, as Long Haocheng began to talk nonsense.

Even Xiao Luo at the side let out a wry smile, knowing the general was indeed drunk.

"Brother Changqing, let me tell you, you must be careful these days. I've had a bad feeling lately. Something big might happen in Yunhuang, so the scent in Heigu Forest has been off too. If anything happens, come find me, I'll help you."

Long Haocheng patted Li Changqing's shoulder as he spoke.

"Something's going to happen in Yunhuang?" Li Changqing frowned: "What kind of trouble?"

"Who knows?"

"Anyway, the spirit beasts in Heigu Forest have been restless lately, and I don't know what's going on." After saying this, Long Haocheng finally couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep on the table.

"Mr. Changqing, I apologize, I'll take the general back now," Xiao Luo hurriedly said.


Li Changqing nodded.

But he was curious, was what Long Haocheng said about trouble in Yunhuang true?

Previously, the intelligence about Yunhuang came from Lu Qiaoqiao, but ever since Lu Qiaoqiao started acting strangely, she had never appeared in his dreams again.

Perhaps she simply couldn't find him.

In the past few months, Li Changqing felt that running a tavern was quite pleasant, while also keeping an eye on the intelligence of various forces.

The intelligence department of Changqing Trading Company had developed well, recruiting many experts. Now, Changqing Trading Company was no longer what it used to be, especially with the Qinglian Sword Sovereign as their banner, attracting many experts to join.

Even four of them had reached the peak of the Innate Realm.

Li Changqing also paid attention to the recent intelligence from Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

However, everything in Dao Mountain Ancient Land was as usual, with no major changes. After Lu Shiran of Guanglan Palace eloped, there had been no news, and even Guanglan Palace was searching for her, but to no avail.

Su Zheng originally intended to find someone else for a marriage alliance since Lu Shiran was gone, given that there were many outstanding female disciples in Guanglan Palace.

Su Xianci was also wavering, considering following Su Zheng's advice. However, when Su Xianci learned of the relationship between Lu Shiran and Li Hengsheng, he was furious!

He was determined to marry Lu Shiran!

No one else would do!

Su Zheng's attempts to persuade him were fruitless, and he could only ask Guanglan Palace to continue searching for Lu Shiran's whereabouts.

Li Hengsheng was also aware of all this news.

Li Changqing had explained everything when communicating with Li Hengsheng. Li Hengsheng didn't expect Su Xianci to hate him so much, and with no news of Lu Shiran after she ran away from home for so many days, Li Hengsheng was also worried. What if that silly girl was sold by traffickers?

Li Changqing also told Li Hengsheng to be on the lookout, as Lu Shiran might come looking for him.

Seeing this written in the letter, Li Hengsheng had a headache.

Please don't come.

The thought of Lu Shiran gave him a headache.

He had finally come to Zhenguo Mansion for some peace and quiet and didn't want to stir up any trouble.

Moreover, he now seemed to have found his footing in Zhenguo Mansion, but the Hua family and Mu Mansion would definitely not let him off easily.

He had cut off the financial paths of both families, and they were certainly plotting how to kill him.

The old ancestors of both families were at the peak of the Innate Realm, but they were currently in seclusion. If they came out, they might indeed come after him.

If they didn't dare to do it openly, they would definitely try to do it secretly.

Li Hengsheng even suspected that the frequent intelligence he received was related to Li Changqing, but he didn't ask because he knew there would be no answer.

Let's not worry about it for now.

"Brother, I have explosive news for you!"

In the Inspector's Mansion, Li Hengsheng was reading when Wu Santong walked in.

Wu Santong had changed completely from a few months ago. Perhaps the outside world really did toughen people up. Half a month ago, Wu Santong had stepped into the peak of the Postnatal Realm!

And Li Hengsheng felt that breaking through to the peak of the Postnatal Realm was still a long way off.

His aptitude was really too poor!

Even with the aid of pills, his cultivation speed was still as slow as a turtle's crawl.

After Wu Santong broke through to the peak of the Postnatal Realm, he also took on the role of a head catcher in the Inspector's Mansion, and now he had a bit of fame in White Snake Path.

"What explosive news?"

Li Hengsheng put down his book and asked curiously.

"The Qishan Ghost Lord has left seclusion," Wu Santong came up and took a deep breath: "This news has already reached Zhenguo Mansion, I just heard about it!"

"The Qishan Ghost Lord has left seclusion?"

Li Hengsheng was stunned.

The owner of the Qishan Order!

This made Li Hengsheng somewhat shocked. Previously, the Qishan Order was refined by Lu Qiaoqiao, and Lu Qiaoqiao was taken away by the Long Night Ancient Nation to find the Qishan Ghost Lord after he left seclusion, to help them with a matter.

Previously, because the Qishan Ghost Lord was in seclusion, there had been no movement. Now that the Qishan Ghost Lord had left seclusion, it was feared that the whole Yunhuang would be in chaos, right?

Long Night Ancient Nation would definitely go to find the Qishan Ghost Lord.

Would the other forces in Yunhuang let Long Night Ancient Nation find the Qishan Ghost Lord so easily?

It was feared that all the forces in Yunhuang would fight for Lu Qiaoqiao, right?

And even if they really couldn't snatch Lu Qiaoqiao, they would definitely want to destroy her.

Thinking of this, Li Hengsheng also started to worry.

Seeing Li Hengsheng looking preoccupied, Wu Santong cautiously said: "Brother, what's wrong?"


Li Hengsheng shook his head and said nothing.

"Then pay more attention, if there's any other news, report it to me as soon as possible."

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Li Hengsheng instructed.


Wu Santong nodded.

The Qishan Ghost Lord had left seclusion, and indeed, Yunhuang was in chaos.

However, it wasn't easy for news from Yunhuang to reach Zhenguo Mansion.

Not until seven days later, in the evening.

Li Hengsheng was practicing in the courtyard when he suddenly saw a cat run in. He was no longer surprised by small animals entering the mansion.

Without the intelligence from these small animals, Li Hengsheng would have no way to deal with the Hua family and Mu Mansion.

The Hua family and Mu Mansion had plotted against Li Hengsheng, but with the support of intelligence, Li Hengsheng had managed to turn danger into safety, leaving them helpless.

The cat ran up, placed the intelligence on the table, and then left.

Li Hengsheng opened the intelligence and his eyes narrowed.

Because this piece of intelligence had nothing to do with the Hua family or Mu Mansion.

Instead, it was about Caohe Manor.

Caohe Manor managed the river transport of the entire White Snake Path, ferrying people from White Snake Path to the vast Da Huang City to do business. That place was a mix of humans and ghosts, a border area, extremely dangerous, so not many people went there.

Mostly, it was powerful people who went there to do business.

But every time they returned, Caohe Manor's boats were also checked to see if any Ghost Clan had sneaked in.

If they encountered powerful people, they would be scrutinized even more strictly, but so far, Caohe Manor had been law-abiding, although they had previously helped Mu Mansion transport women. However, Caohe Manor's explanation was that they didn't know what the cargo was.

Li Hengsheng had no way to deal with it.

Now the intelligence said that Caohe Manor was going to secretly smuggle a member of the Ghost Clan into Zhenguo Mansion tonight.

This was something Li Hengsheng couldn't ignore.

As an Inspector, his main duty was to prevent the Ghost Clan from coming to the human territory, to avoid them causing trouble.

So when Li Hengsheng saw that Caohe Manor's boat tonight had a Ghost Clan member, he decided to intercept the Ghost Clan member.

Previously, although it was said that Yunhuang was in chaos, it was not known what had happened, but many Ghost Clan members would probably want to leave Yunhuang and take advantage of the chaos to come to the human side.


Night fell.

Li Hengsheng, accompanied by Lin Qizhu and some capable guards from the mansion, set off for the dock.

After Lin Qizhu arrived, he indeed made a lot of contributions, especially when dealing with Mu Mansion, Lin Qizhu never showed mercy. Besides Li Hengsheng, the person Mu Mansion hated the most now was probably Lin Qizhu.

"My lord, I heard that Yunhuang is in chaos. It seems that many Ghost Clan members will come to our side recently," Lin Qizhu said on the way.

Li Hengsheng rode on Zidian, calmly saying: "No matter how many come, if the Ghost Clan dares to step into human territory, just execute them."

"My lord seems to particularly hate the Ghost Clan," Lin Qizhu asked with a smile.

"Mm." Li Hengsheng did not deny it.

The Ghost Clan and the Longevity Sect were what Li Hengsheng hated the most, especially the Longevity Sect.

But ever since he came to Zhenguo Mansion, it seemed as if he had lost contact with the Longevity Sect. After the Qinglian Sword Sovereign thwarted the Longevity Sect's conspiracy in the Ghost Devil trial, the Longevity Sect had almost no action.

The entire dock was bustling because a boat was due tonight.

Among the many busy people, there was a man in purple clothes. He was slightly overweight and was the manager of Caohe Manor.

Named Xu Ruhu.

He also had a certain status in Tushan City. As the big manager of Caohe Manor, even Mu Mansion and Hua family were very polite to him.

After all, Caohe Manor controlled the river transport of White Snake Path and had close ties with both families.

In terms of strength, Caohe Manor was not weaker than the two families.

At this moment, a shadow of a boat came from afar.

Xu Ruhu was also ready to go forward, followed by some people from Caohe Manor, who drove the commoners away from the dock.

Although these commoners didn't understand why they were being driven away, they didn't ask and quickly made way.

After all, they didn't dare to offend Caohe Manor.

The boat slowly approached, and in the darkness, it looked particularly large. Many people on the deck were already looking forward to landing.

They were originally going to Da Huang City to do business, but recently a big event happened in Yunhuang, and their business was not good. Even the goods they brought were not sold out, and it was very dangerous there, so they had to return early and wait until the situation stabilized before going back.

At this time, at the entrance of the dock, Li Hengsheng and others also arrived.

"Stop, the boat is docking, and no one else can approach."

The people from Caohe Manor hurriedly stopped Li Hengsheng and Lin Qizhu from approaching.

"The Inspector's Mansion is handling a case, let us through," Lin Qizhu shouted angrily.

"No matter who it is, no one can approach the dock at this time," two guards from Caohe Manor also stubbornly said.

Because Xu Ruhu had previously ordered them not to let anyone approach the dock no matter who came.

"Take them down!"

With an order from Lin Qizhu, several guards from the Inspector's Mansion stepped forward to take down the two guards at the entrance. The two guards wanted to struggle, but it was useless.

Li Hengsheng and Lin Qizhu led people directly into the dock.

Xu Ruhu also felt someone coming at this time. He frowned, wasn't it said that no one was allowed to come? However, when he turned around and saw that it was Li Hengsheng, a flicker of panic flashed in Xu Ruhu's eyes, followed by a smile: "It turns out to be the Inspector, what wind has blown the Inspector here?"

"Nothing much, just a routine check," Li Hengsheng said lightly: "But your Caohe Manor is really impressive. When I wanted to come in, your people desperately stopped me outside. Could it be that there is something on this dock that you don't want people to see?"

"Haha, the Inspector really knows how to joke," Xu Ruhu laughed: "How could we not let the Inspector in? And we are law-abiding businessmen. Those two are new and stubborn, so they stopped the Inspector outside. When I go back, I will teach them a lesson."

"Inspector, Head Catcher Lin, please come this way. I have prepared good tea for you to apologize."

Xu Ruhu made a gesture of invitation.

"It's not necessary to drink tea. And it seems that Manager Xu has other things to be busy with, isn't this boat about to dock?" Li Hengsheng looked into the distance, the boat was less than three hundred meters from the shore and was about to come over.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. It's not necessary for me to do this personally, my subordinates can do the same. Haha, since the Inspector is here, I should entertain you well, otherwise when I go back, the owner will blame me for not treating the Inspector well."

Xu Ruhu hurriedly laughed.

But Li Hengsheng was still as steady as Mount Tai, dismounted from Zidian, and walked a few steps forward: "No need, I'm here for a routine inspection, not to drink tea. Tonight, I want to check this boat to prevent anything that shouldn't be here from coming."

"The Inspector is really careful. This kind of small matter can actually be left to the subordinates, and there's no need for you to come personally. Such a dedicated spirit really makes us feel ashamed and admire," Xu Ruhu said with a fist, but despite his flattery, Li Hengsheng showed no signs of wavering.

This made Xu Ruhu anxious.

Clearly, Li Hengsheng was determined to inspect the boat tonight.

Xu Ruhu had no choice, after all, he had no right to prevent Li Hengsheng from inspecting. Xu Ruhu was somewhat uneasy.

He felt that Li Hengsheng seemed to know something, otherwise why would he insist on inspecting this boat.

When the boat docked, the cargo was slowly unloaded, and hundreds of people disembarked. At a glance, there didn't seem to be any problem with all the people here; they all appeared to be human. But unless the Ghost Clan revealed themselves, or unless they were a special race, they would look no different from humans.

"Sir, look, they are all humans," Xu Ruhu said cautiously.

"You, you, and you, step forward!" Lin Qizhu stepped forward and addressed some of the people with cultivation.

These people looked at each other and then stepped forward.

"Release your aura, let's check your identities," Lin Qizhu said gravely.

As his words fell, the many guards behind Lin Qizhu also drew their weapons, ready to capture any Ghost Clan that might appear.

One by one, from left to right, the seventeen people released their auras.

After all seventeen had released their auras, Lin Qizhu found that they were indeed all human.

This surprised Lin Qizhu. No Ghost Clan?

"Continue the search."

Li Hengsheng said indifferently.

Lin Qizhu nodded, then checked the identities of those in the Transcendence Realm as well, and without exception, they were all human, with no Ghost Clan among them.

This made Lin Qizhu doubt whether Li Hengsheng's intelligence was wrong?

But according to past experiences, Li Hengsheng's intelligence had never been wrong, and it should be the same this time.

Li Hengsheng also didn't believe his intelligence could be wrong, as there had never been any issues with previous intelligence.

This time would certainly be no different.

"Inspector, it seems there's no problem. It's late, and you must be tired. I've prepared a late-night snack, why don't you come and try it?" Xu Ruhu hurriedly said.

But Li Hengsheng paid no attention, his gaze landing on some of the cargo boxes.

Some of the boxes were very large. Li Hengsheng walked over and circled around them, then tapped on the outside of the boxes with his hand.

"What's inside?" Li Hengsheng asked.

"Sir, just some food and textiles," a person quickly came out and said, sweating profusely and extremely nervous.

It was as if the words "my box is problematic" were written all over his face.

"Open it and let's see," Li Hengsheng told the man.

"This..." The man looked worriedly at Xu Ruhu.

Xu Ruhu turned his head away as if he didn't recognize this person at all.

The man could only slowly open one of the boxes, and Lin Qizhu went up to inspect it. Indeed, there were some food and textiles inside, with nothing else.

"Continue," Li Hengsheng directed his gaze to the second box.

"Do we really have to, sir?" The man was almost in tears.

"Do I need to do it myself?" Li Hengsheng looked at the box.

However, just at that moment, suddenly a whizzing sound came flying in, and Lin Qizhu reacted immediately, swinging his battle-axe!

The power of this axe seemed to tremble the very air.

But when the axe swung out, it turned out that what was flying towards them was a small ball.


A loud noise erupted.

Immediately, a large amount of smoke burst forth, enveloping the entire dock in an instant.


Another muffled sound, and Li Hengsheng felt the box beside him burst open, and a figure darted out from inside.

"Don't let him get away!"

Li Hengsheng roared, already sensing the aura of the Ghost Clan from this person.

Thus, Li Hengsheng unleashed his Thunderous Movement, catching up in an instant!

The speed of Thunderous Movement was unmatched, and in just two steps, Li Hengsheng clearly saw the person trying to escape.

He too was panicked as he looked back; his cultivation was only at the ordinary Postnatal Realm, and he couldn't escape from Li Hengsheng's grasp.

Li Hengsheng reached out to grab him.

But at that moment, Li Hengsheng's brow furrowed, as a masked figure descended from the sky, aiming a palm strike at him.

"Overlord Immortal Finger!"

Li Hengsheng didn't hold back, pointing out with the Overlord Immortal Finger!

The internal energy at his fingertip directly hit the palm of the masked person, but Li Hengsheng's internal energy was suppressed by the opponent's force!

Li Hengsheng felt the opponent's power was vast like the ocean, forcing him to retreat several steps.

"An Innate?"

Li Hengsheng hadn't expected the person who made a move to be an Innate.

The masked person, holding the Ghost Clan member, leaped away towards the front.

"Trying to escape?"

How about being an Innate?

Li Hengsheng had killed Innates before.

He jumped onto Zidian, and Li Hengsheng, riding Zidian, pursued the figure.

Zidian itself had a bloodline of a spirit beast, and its speed was astonishingly fast. Li Hengsheng riding Zidian was truly like a bolt of lightning.

Although the opponent was fast, Zidian was relentless in pursuit.

They chased from the dock to the outskirts of the city, and the masked person, seeing Li Hengsheng still behind, frowned slightly.

"You can't escape!"

Li Hengsheng shouted.

The masked person didn't respond, turning to enter a mountain range outside the city, with Li Hengsheng following on Zidian.

Given Zidian's strength and size, even in the mountains, it could still move swiftly.

Just as Zidian was about to ascend the mountain, the masked person suddenly blew a whistle from his mouth.

The whistle was particularly loud in the night.

Hearing this whistle, Li Hengsheng thought the opponent was calling for reinforcements, and he might have fallen into an ambush. However, no one appeared around, but Zidian suddenly stopped in its tracks, rearing up.

With a rear-up, Li Hengsheng was completely unprepared and was thrown off Zidian's back.

But Li Hengsheng took the opportunity to draw the Chasing Immortal Spear and launched it!

The spear flew through the night sky.

Before the masked person could take a few steps, he heard the sound and immediately dodged, letting the Chasing Immortal Spear pass by.

The Chasing Immortal Spear embedded itself in the mountainside, blocking the masked person's path.

The masked person intended to go around, but at that moment, a flash of lightning and a rumble passed by, and Li Hengsheng's figure had already appeared in front of him, standing on the spear shaft!

Li Hengsheng looked down at the masked person: "You can't escape. You're clearly not of the Ghost Clan, so why are you helping the Ghost Clan smuggle?"

The masked person remained silent.

But he was vigilant, watching Li Hengsheng.

The Ghost Clan member beside him was also panicking at this point.

"A mere ordinary Postnatal Realm Ghost Clan member is worth the help of an Innate expert. What's so special about this Ghost Clan?" Li Hengsheng asked again.

But the masked person still didn't speak.

"If you won't talk, I'll make you talk."

Li Hengsheng stomped his foot, and the Chasing Immortal Spear directly shattered the mountain wall, sending countless rocks flying towards the masked person.

The masked person raised his hand, and a palm print shattered all the rocks.

Li Hengsheng attacked even more fiercely with the Overlord Immortal Spear.

Each thrust was deadly!

The power was astonishing.

The masked person fought back with broad and powerful strokes, contending with Li Hengsheng's Overlord Immortal Spear. Although the power of the Overlord Immortal Spear was formidable, it was still difficult to contend with an Innate. Even so, the explosive power of the Overlord Immortal Spear made the masked person dare not face it head-on.

The two fought fiercely, shaking the heavens and the earth, and the Ghost Clan member was too scared to move.

But what puzzled Li Hengsheng was that this masked person had no intention of killing him, even though he fought back, he did not use any lethal moves.

Just resisting his Overlord Immortal Spear.Just then, Li Hengsheng and the masked figure both turned their attention to the member of the Ghost Clan, as another silhouette appeared, snatched the Ghost Clan member, and with a light leap, touched down on the stone wall and took the Postnatal Realm Ghost Clan member away.

This took the masked person by surprise, who immediately gave up on entangling with Li Hengsheng and turned to chase after the two figures.

"Where can you go!"

Li Hengsheng was not willing to let the masked person get away. His inner strength surged, ready to unleash another strike with his spear.

But at that moment, the masked person turned around, and a palm print descended. The power of the palm print was not strong, yet Li Hengsheng felt immobilized in an instant.

It was as if he was shackled by something.

Then, with a kick, the masked person sent Li Hengsheng flying a great distance.

Li Hengsheng tumbled down the hillside, only stopping when he hit a tree.

Fortunately, the masked person had not used much force in that kick, so Li Hengsheng was unharmed.

"The Five Absolute Seals..."

Li Hengsheng stood up, his gaze icy as he said, "Third Senior Brother, it really is you!"

Li Hengsheng should have realized it was Zhou Jun when he heard that whistle, but he had been too preoccupied with the urgent situation to think about it, and he hadn't expected Zhou Jun, who had left at the peak of the Postnatal Realm, to have stepped into the Prenatal Realm.

It seemed that Zhou Jun could have entered the Prenatal Realm back when they were at Dao Mountain Ancient Land, but he had been suppressing his own cultivation level.

If Zhou Jun had become a Prenatal Realm cultivator, he would have been assigned to serve as an Inspector elsewhere by Dao Mountain Ancient Land, cutting off access to vital intelligence. Therefore, Zhou Jun had been suppressing his breakthrough.

Zhou Jun's appearance surely represented the Longevity Sect.

But why would the Longevity Sect help a Postnatal Realm Ghost Clan member to smuggle?

And who was the person who had just secretly taken the Postnatal Realm member away?

With these thoughts, Li Hengsheng decided to follow and see for himself.

Using the Thunderous Leap, Li Hengsheng chased after them like a bolt of lightning.

He had been worried about not catching up, but to his surprise, he found the two figures already fighting on a cliff halfway up the mountain.

Both were Prenatal Realm cultivators, thoroughly enjoying their battle.

Li Hengsheng also realized that his opponent was a member of the Ghost Clan.


The two exchanged a powerful blow and both retreated, evenly matched.

Zhou Jun stood there, while the Ghost Clan member stood on a rugged stone, bathed in moonlight, allowing Li Hengsheng to see the newcomer's face clearly.

It was a face that seemed familiar to him.

A woman.

"Yin Ten Tower, Cong Yunniang!"

Li Hengsheng suddenly remembered her. She had been there when they tried to take Lu Qiaoqiao away.

The Ghost Clan member they were all after was shivering on the side, pale-faced.

"Hangshun, you'd better come back with me quietly. I'll plead for you, and you'll be safe. Otherwise, you know how terrifying the fate that awaits you at Yin Ten Tower can be," Cong Yunniang said to the Ghost Clan member with a smile.

The Ghost Clan member named Hangshun trembled, clearly recalling the horrors of Yin Ten Tower.

"Don't worry, with our Longevity Sect protecting you, there will be no problems. Don't be afraid of her. Yin Ten Tower is nothing to worry about. Even the Long Night Ancient Nation is on the brink of collapse; what can they do to you?" Zhou Jun said with a smile.

This revelation about the Long Night Ancient Nation's impending doom sent a shock through Li Hengsheng, who was eavesdropping. Could it be that the Longevity Sect was at war with the Long Night Ancient Nation?

What about Junior Sister Lu?

"Come out!"

Cong Yunniang seemed to sense Li Hengsheng's presence and called out to the nearby area.

Zhou Jun also glanced over with a smile, "Fourth Brother, come out. We've found you."

Since he had been discovered, Li Hengsheng no longer hid and walked out openly.

His gaze fell on Zhou Jun as he asked, "You said the Long Night Ancient Nation is about to fall. What do you mean?"

"It's simple. Our Longevity Sect made a move, and the Long Night Ancient Nation was defeated," Zhou Jun shrugged.

"What about Junior Sister Lu?" Li Hengsheng was mainly concerned about this.

"You're looking for Lu Qiaoqiao too?" Cong Yunniang turned to Li Hengsheng, then suddenly paused, uncertainly saying, "I think I remember you. Outside Dao Mountain Ancient Land, when we found Lu Qiaoqiao, you were there too, standing in front of her, trying to protect her, right?"

"So what if I was?" Li Hengsheng looked at Cong Yunniang, "I am now an Inspector of Zhenguo Mansion. If Yin Ten Tower shows up here on White Snake Path, it's my duty to expel or execute you. But I need to know, who is this Ghost Clan member you're after?"

Li Hengsheng turned his gaze to Hangshun.

A minor Postnatal Realm Ghost Clan member had attracted the attention of both the Longevity Sect and Yin Ten Tower. What was going on?

"That's none of your business," Cong Yunniang frowned, "This doesn't concern you, so you'd better get lost. Lu Qiaoqiao's affairs are equally none of your business. You keep calling her 'Junior Sister Lu', but did you ever consider that she's a member of the Longevity Sect?"

"So what if she's with the Longevity Sect? Why does Yin Ten Tower have to meddle in everything? Are your claws a bit too long?" Zhou Jun retorted coldly.

"Is the Longevity Sect so great?" Cong Yunniang laughed, "Lu Qiaoqiao is one of yours, but now she has betrayed the Longevity Sect, hasn't she? Dao Mountain Ancient Land, the Longevity Sect, and the Long Night Ancient Nation were all deceived by a young girl. Are you proud of that?"

"None of your business!"

Zhou Jun said sternly.


Li Hengsheng interjected in surprise, "Lu Qiaoqiao betrayed the Longevity Sect? What does that mean?"

"You don't know yet?"

Cong Yunniang laughed, "The Longevity Sect also set their sights on the Qishan Order. They attacked the Long Night Ancient Nation with Lu Qiaoqiao's inside help, catching them off guard and causing heavy losses. The whole nation was plunged into crisis. However, when the Longevity Sect came to take Lu Qiaoqiao away, they found she had disappeared with the Qishan Order."

"That's not right."

Li Hengsheng said, "Junior Sister Lu assimilated the Qishan Order. Back at Dao Mountain Ancient Land, you could sense the location of the Qishan Order. How could you not know where she is?"

"Because Lu Qiaoqiao somehow managed to separate the Qishan Order from herself," Zhou Jun also frowned, "This was unexpected even for the Longevity Sect. Lu Qiaoqiao disappeared with the Qishan Order, and now the entire Yunhuang is searching for her, but so far, no one has any news about her."

For a moment, Li Hengsheng was bewildered.

What exactly was Lu Qiaoqiao trying to do?

"And this person is..." Li Hengsheng looked towards Hangshun, wondering about the Ghost Clan member's role.

"Kid, you ask too many questions. Either leave or die!" Cong Yunniang's killing intent was palpable.

"Then try me."

Regardless of what this Postnatal Realm Ghost Clan member was up to, Li Hengsheng knew it was definitely not good, or perhaps related to Lu Qiaoqiao.

He gripped the Chasing Immortal Spear tightly in his hand. If a battle was inevitable, then so be it.

"Fourth Brother, no matter what, let's set aside any grievances between us for now and join forces to kill this madwoman, shall we?" Zhou Jun proposed cheerily.

"Third Senior Brother, that's a good idea. No matter what, we are still fellow sect brothers," Li Hengsheng glanced at Zhou Jun, who was no longer as trustworthy as before, smiling yet with unknown thoughts.

But regardless, dealing with Cong Yunniang was the priority.

"A mere Postnatal Realm perfectionist dares to spout such nonsense!" Cong Yunniang glanced at Li Hengsheng, infuriated by his defiance.

In an instant, her figure turned into a dark wind, charging at Li Hengsheng!

Li Hengsheng did not dare to be careless. Cong Yunniang's murderous intent was boiling, and her strength was at least as strong as Zhou Jun's, if not stronger. So, Li Hengsheng executed Thunderous Leap, heading towards Zhou Jun!

If he couldn't win, he'd lead the disaster to the other side.

First, he'd draw this trouble towards Zhou Jun, then figure out his next move.

"Damn it, Fourth Brother, you're despicable," Zhou Jun immediately saw through Li Hengsheng's plan.

"Third Senior Brother, you said before that you'd cover for me. Now that a formidable enemy is attacking, of course, you should stand in front of your weak junior brother."


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