Chapter 255

This is a cave with a perfect planar and spatial topological structure.

It maximizes the use of all space and planes, while completely conforming to human living habits. Although the outline is rough and the environment is dark, with the ground full of mud and water, these are all problems that can be overcome.

Even in such a tight environment, they found a cave that can serve as a public toilet, public bathhouse, and public cafeteria.

It can even be said that this is not a cave at all, but a new building with a perfect three-dimensional structure.

The holes for drainage, ventilation, and wiring in the building are all reserved.

As soon as they realized that something was wrong, Huang Mingxiao, who had been experienced in being pitied by Sheriff Lin during the disaster relief, immediately called in a large number of civil affairs department staff and refugee committee cadres.

A total of more than 5,000 people spent more than an hour to explore this building embedded in the mountain.

The gathered information left everyone speechless.

"Is this really formed naturally?"

A cadre asked, echoing the thoughts of everyone present.

Even Yang Shaohu's face turned pale, feeling incredulous, and the newcomer Xiao Zhang couldn't even stand up, sitting on the ground with trembling legs.

Only Lian Mei was smiling, feeling no fear at all. She smiled at Huang Mingxiao and said, "What did Sheriff Lin say?"

Huang Mingxiao then realized and said repeatedly, "Yes, Miss Lian is right!"

He carefully recalled what Lin Wen had said to them at the time, and his complexion improved a lot. He raised his hand and gestured a few times, saying, "Don't panic, everyone! Sheriff Lin told us before we came that there is a place under the Tai Xu Mountains where people can live. Let's clean it up."

Yang Shaohu suddenly realized, "That's right, everyone listen carefully. Sheriff Lin's exact words were, 'There is a place under the Tai Xu Mountains where people can live.' What does this mean? It means that there wasn't one before, but now there is. It means that this was artificially constructed! It's not some superstitious ghost or god, nor is it a monster's lair."

Huang Mingxiao praised repeatedly, "Yes, yes, yes! We still have a world-class Javanese engineering team in our county. We haven't seen them for a long time. Maybe this is their masterpiece! They have been working silently in the deep mountains."

The name of the Javanese engineering team is known to everyone in Changshan County. Under the promotion of Chief Engineer Yang, its reputation in the imperial engineering and construction industry is well-known.

Countless people have tried to contact the Javanese engineering team but have been unable to find a way. They can't even find Javanese country, so they can only come to Changshan County.

Since the completion of the county road and the miraculous Tianmo Pit Steel Bridge, seven out of ten outsiders who come to Changshan County are looking for the Javanese engineering team.

They inquire about the information of the Javanese engineering team everywhere, often paying generously for repeated information.

As a result, the reputation of the Javanese engineering team has spread throughout Changshan County, and everyone here knows about the team's deeds and various rumors, such as the team flying, burrowing, crossing mountains and seas, or growing red hair. There are all sorts of strange tales.

However, when they tried hard to find the residence of this legendary engineering team, they were all dumbfounded.

A quick look at "paw𝑟" will leave you more fulfilled.

Because the compound where the Javanese engineering team resides is guarded by special agents of Qin Luoshuang, and no one can approach or spy on the mysterious engineering team, including themselves.

Therefore, when Huang Mingxiao mentioned the legendary engineering team, everyone present was already seventy to eighty percent convinced.

But Xiao Zhang couldn't help but say, "Can this be completed in a short time? It would take the engineering team a long time, right? How did Sheriff Lin know to take in refugees?"

Lian Mei loudly said, "Sheriff Lin is clairvoyant, why wouldn't he know?"

Yang Shaohu didn't want to make Sheriff Lin seem like a god-like figure, so he added, "The situation in the empire has always been very tense. Due to the instigation from the western land and our own problems, our relationship with neighboring countries is very poor and has always been tense. Many people have predicted that there will be a war, but they don't know when or how it will happen."

"Yes, yes!"

This also reminded Huang Mingxiao, and he said, "Our environment is enclosed and surrounded by mountains, so it is impossible to be threatened by war. If a war breaks out outside, the possibility of us taking in refugees is very high."

"Sheriff Lin must have seen through the fog of the empire's situation and predicted the outbreak of war early on. That's why, after the Javanese engineering team finished building the road, they immediately came secretly to the mountains to build this shelter that can accommodate many people."

"I think Director Huang makes sense."

A cadre from the refugee committee also stood up and said, "I used to be a first-class construction engineer in the empire, so let me share my opinion."

"This building seems like an incredible miracle that couldn't have been built by humans, but our technology is advancing, and no one knows what kind of technology will emerge in the future."

"We can assume that there is a chemical solvent that can dissolve stone into mud and water. The Javanese engineering team used a special method to inject the solvent into the mountain, and then used a special method to control the direction of the chemical solvent, corroding the outline of the building according to their construction blueprint."

This explanation was very easy to understand, and everyone present suddenly understood.

"So that's how it is!"

"No wonder there is so much mud and water on the ground!"

"All those ventilation holes, drainage holes, and the remaining cable holes must be the channels they used to inject the chemical solvent into the mountain!"

"Yes, yes, yes! Now that you've said that, we understand!"

"Haha, scaring ourselves for no reason. Clearly, it's just a man-made miracle. Always thinking about ghosts and gods is really childish!"Xiao Zhang raised another objection: "Sheriff Lin must have the architectural blueprints. With the blueprints, our renovation work would be much easier!"

Huang Mingxiao chuckled, "Xiao Zhang is right, I'll just ask and find out."

He immediately picked up the phone and dialed Sheriff Lin's private number.

After a series of busy tones, Sheriff Lin's voice came through, tinged with impatience.


Huang Mingxiao hurriedly said, "Sheriff Lin, do you have the architectural drawings? I was thinking..."


Click, the call was disconnected.

Huang Mingxiao felt a bit awkward and was about to say something to ease the atmosphere when he caught a glimpse of Lin Wen sprinting out of a nearby grove.

"Sheriff Lin! You, you were actually nearby..."


Lian Mei quickly grabbed a blank engineering blueprint, pushed aside someone trying to hand over a draft paper, and handed over the wide and large engineering paper.

Lin Wen picked up a pen and began to draw rapidly on the paper.

No one spoke; the scene was extremely quiet, with only the rustling sound of the pen on paper.

Everyone held their breath and watched Lin Wen's performance. He drew with divine precision, not pausing for even half a second, and some even thought he was too slow and wished he could use both hands.

Moments later, Lin Wen threw down the pen and dashed into the woods, disappearing from sight. Some sharp-eyed individuals saw what seemed to be a white cloud rising from the woods, flying towards the southern Tai Xu mountain range.

But the majority were stunned in place, looking at the blueprint in front of them—a rigorous, detailed, and fully annotated architectural engineering drawing.

The engineer reached out to touch it, then recoiled as if shocked by electricity.

After a long while, someone sighed, "Sheriff Lin is truly a genius, beyond any doubt."

Xiao Zhang's mouth moved, but in the end, he said nothing.

It was Lian Mei who spoke solemnly, "Everyone, we must not spread this! This must be something Sheriff Lin saw from the Javanese engineering team. He memorized the blueprints, not only to facilitate our work but also to lay the foundation for our own engineering team in Changshan County in the future, providing us with information."

The crowd immediately came to their senses, echoing in agreement, "Right, right, we mustn't let this get out, or it would make things difficult for Sheriff Lin. If the Javanese engineering team gets angry, they might leave!"

"Yes, that's a treasure Sheriff Lin secured at great expense and through many favors. We can't let his efforts be in vain!"

"Exactly! Anyone who leaks this is a traitor! A spy, an enemy of humanity!"

Yang Shaohu spoke loudly, "Everyone present, come here. This is a matter of strict confidentiality. To be safe, please leave a fingerprint here. If any information leaks, I will have Director Qin track it down by the fingerprints!"



"I'll go first!"

After a flurry of activity, the crowd began to study the blueprint, marveling at Sheriff Lin's strong memory and agile hand, and even more at the ingenious design of the building and its perfect structure. It seemed to take all scenarios into account, leaving room for flexibility, a truly genius design.

Subsequently, Huang Mingxiao quickly arranged work, sending people to clean up the caves for basic organization, while others were dispatched to connect water and electricity and set up necessary living supplies.

Yang Shaohu quickly returned to the county government office to discuss with Zhao Minggong, known as the Sleeping Dragon, the details of the second phase of refugee reception.

In essence, this phase was not much different from the first, but Yang Shaohu believed that Sheriff Lin's approach must have a deeper meaning, and he sought the old man's advice.

Hearing Yang Shaohu's confusion, the Sleeping Dragon laughed and said, "Shaohu, you haven't thought it through. Sheriff Lin's essence is to replace relief with work, to substitute charity with mutual aid, to give refugees dignity and reduce our burden. Helping them is also helping ourselves."

"But why divide it into phases? Is it because the mountain building isn't finished yet?" Yang Shaohu asked, puzzled.

Zhao Minggong smiled, his gaunt face lined with deep wrinkles, fatigue and weakness inseparable from him. The damage to his brainstem nerves had reached 10%, and by previous standards, he should have been long dead.

Now, he was only sustained by machines.

The Sleeping Dragon's days were numbered.

"Shaohu, I don't know if that's the reason, but I do know that Sheriff Lin definitely wants to save more refugees."

"Consider changing your perspective. Think about what the refugees need, what they want, and what we should do to receive more people and save more lives."

Yang Shaohu had an epiphany and nodded vigorously.

The two then discussed the details of the new phase of refugee resettlement, and Yang Shaohu gained much confidence. The reception of refugees would surely be faster and more stable.

About half an hour later, the director burst in, "Time's up, Old Zhao must rest now!"

Yang Shaohu quickly stood up, "Old Zhao, please rest well. I won't make the same mistake as last time!"

Despite his exhaustion, Zhao Minggong still managed a smile:

"Shaohu, you are talented, but you lack grassroots experience. You must delve deeper into the lives of the common people, understand what they say, think, do, and seek, only then can you do your job well."

"Enough, Old Zhao," the director said, trying to put the breathing mask on him.

But Zhao Minggong stopped him with his hand and forcefully uttered his last words.

"Keep it up, lads. May you be the sparks that cut through the long night, igniting the light of hope for the world."

The oxygen mask was put on, and a calming mix of gases flowed in with the oxygen.

Zhao Minggong closed his eyes.

Yang Shaohu walked out in silence, where Li Xiaoli was waiting outside, her face clearly marked with tears, but she still tried to smile upon seeing him.

Yang Shaohu's heart felt as if it had been gripped tight, and he suddenly started running, eager to leave and immerse himself in his work.


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